The Secret of Contentment

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  2. Contentment and Gratitude
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  5. The Secret of Contentment

I’m a little hesitant to post this … I’m really not content (har har) with how the message ended up, but in the interest of completion, here’s the recording of the message on contentment:

direct link: The Secret of Contentment


Previous in series: Solomon vs. Paul: gratitude, simplicity, the present, and meaning

5 thoughts on “The Secret of Contentment

  1. Leonard

    Got a chance to listen Michael, Only had to shave once during the message. It wasn’t that long. Good job, it was nice to hear someone have well prepared to say something God had given them to say. Good thoughts on Solomon as well.

  2. James

    I actually enjoyed the message…. For someone to keep me from falling asleep on Sunday morning after I get back from doing a show at 4 am, says something :)

  3. Gretchen

    Okay, maybe because I could get up and move around while I listened, it didn’t seem too long to me. I really liked it Mike. I thought you made great points and supported them well. I liked the tie between Paul and Solomon. I was convicted by the idea that short lived pleasure often replaces contentment and steals our sense of gratitude. I often play the “if only” game. Bah. I needed to hear this sermon, and I’m sure God chose to use you to speak to many others as well, in spite of you :)

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