The Real Thing

I love it when a plan comes together. I had a session today, and I had to drag the client kicking and screaming into a real studio. The producer really wanted to just use piano samples. We sat down, mic’d up the piano, Engineer Chris hit record, and the lush awesomeness of the Eldorado piano won over a whole new set of fans.

Stay tuned, those of you who have projects brewing. Chris and I are cooking up a way for you to get real keyboards (piano, B3, wurlie, rhodes) dropped in at a ridiculously low rate. More details to follow …

Eldorado Recording Studio

Eldorado Recording Studio

7 thoughts on “The Real Thing

  1. Alex

    This was for the J-pop artist I assume? I’m glad you won over some new fans without superfluous applications of eye shadow (I hope)…

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