On The Bread

Kyrie Yeshua

Give us this day our forever bread

sustaining, abiding
bread of life
bread of heaven,
O bread of life,
O bread of heaven,

Forgive us our owed debt
As we forgive debts owed us

And by this forgiveness,
Knead us together in one body of grace,
One body abiding in you, and sustaining each part,
Give us this bread.

5 thoughts on “On The Bread

  1. sharolyn

    Mike, do you write these? Wow.

    Today we took communion, and heard a wonderful sermon to accompany the bread from I John. I can’t recreate what the pastor crafted, but it spoke to me. He talked about fire both being heat and producing heat, in the same way God is the source of love and producer/provider of love.

    Then he got to 4:10 and asked, “How can killing ones son be the greatest act of love?” I had never heard it asked that way. The question lingered.

    It becomes easier to “forgive debts owed us” when I ask myself, “What do I really deserve?” And what did I get? -Forgiveness for my “owed debt”. It is bewildering.

  2. Leonard

    The people writing in the back of the church during my messages… Turned out they were playing tic-tac-do… Great job Michael, thanks for sharing this.

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