The Winningest Photo

I don’t know much about this photo. I don’t know anything about it, actually. I just know that, from the moment I saw it, I knew it was a winner. Maybe it’s the jaunty angle of the machine gun. Maybe the fiercely gripped tomahawk in his mouth. The leg-apart stance for maximum on-stage rock-and-roll stability. Or the pimpin’ gold chalice that’s keepin’ in real! Personally, I think it’s the fact that he left his boots on.

So, we all know that this picture is awesome, and is undoubtedly the winner of some obscure online photo contest. My challenge to you, roadkateers, is this:

Give me that name of a photo contest where this would be the winning picture:

(clicky make biggy)

30 thoughts on “The Winningest Photo

  1. michael lee Post author

    Bobby, I strongly disagree. There is nothing in this photo that would not look 50x hotter if done by a woman than by this guy.

    Cerise, show him what I mean :-)

  2. Bobby

    Hmmmm… maybe so Mike. I don’t have much of an imagination so i’ll just take your word for it.

    How about the “A Typical Tuesday Evening at the home of Ted Nugent Photo Essay”.

    1st Prize: A junior bowhunter badge and vintage loincloth.

  3. the ben

    “guitarist looking for lynyrd skynyrd cover band. have pro equipment and awesome boots. please call, no email.”

  4. Leonard

    Imagine the surprise at the Silver and Gold Tea when the new church pictorial directory came out and on the staff page the new worship pastors picture showed him and his g-string.

  5. portcullischain

    Alternate Future (Cyberpunk). Rock Stars are the front line fighters against the evil corporate whores. To free hands for more important things (using weapons and drinking your fellow fighter’s health), cybernetic interfaces have been inserted into the rear of musical instruments to insure bitching soundtracks while epic wars are fought. Global warming has led to a constant balmy 83.5 degrees worldwide leading some to shed protective clothing altogether.

  6. michael lee Post author

    Least Helpful Amicus Curiae brief filed in the Supreme Court case of District of Columbia vs. Heller

    (this one is for Phil)

  7. Leonard

    You know what they say about the size of a mans guitar in relation to the size of his gun… Well here is a picture that illustrates it. For those of you I just offended or led astray, please forgive me you have till Sunday to get it right.

  8. C Kent

    I know it says, “Clicky make biggy” under the thumbnail, but do I really want to make it bigger? Of course, that could help the guy’s ego out a big a bit… oh well.

  9. harmonicminer

    “Least Helpful Amicus Curiae brief filed in the Supreme Court case of District of Columbia vs. Heller”

    I think he forgot the briefs.

  10. Chad

    I’ve been on the road with a bunch of teenagers for eight days.

    Although I kept light tabs on the blog via a friend’s iPhone, I did not see this post. Tonight, I had a deep, basso profundo, sustained belly laugh that I desperately needed.

    I friggen love this place.

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