Tivo Tragedy

I love Tivo, except for tonight. I set it to record the Angel game. It’s a 4-hour record time, usually more than enough time for a full game. Not tonight, though. Tonight, the game lasted exactly 4 hours and 1 MINUTE!

My recording ended in the bottom of the 12th inning, score tied at 0-0, the bases are loaded, Anderson at the plate, the count is 3 balls and no strikes, and during the wind-up of what ended up being the pitch that walked in a run, my recording ended.

Tragedy, thy name is Tivo!

36 thoughts on “Tivo Tragedy

  1. Chad

    I think it’s baby Jesus punishing you for the fact that you live 10 minutes from Chavez Ravine and yet you root for the Angels.

  2. Chad

    That last comment was offensive and inappropriate, and I completely blame Michael. It’s fun to say bad things.

  3. corey

    Chad, I laughed out loud. Not so much at the gay stuff. Just at how fast some comments come off the monitor. Funny funny.

  4. sharolyn

    Mike, I know JUST what you mean. A few weeks ago I was finally able to watch Oprah interview Barbara Walters. I mean, this is exactly like Howard Cosell talking to Muhammad Ali.

    Since we’re talking “baseball” (make quote hand gestures), many individual games do not matter but this interview was the World Series of interviews.

    They talk about Star, they talk about Rose – whatever. At last they get to Barbara’s two-year affair with the first African-American senator, which took place in the ’70s. Just when things are getting good, Oprah asks exactly what I was wondering. (She always knows what I am thinking!) “How did you pull it off?”

    This is my interpretation of the carpet that immediately was pulled from under my feet: “Duuuu-du-Da-duh!” This is Charlie Gibson interrupting to tell you that Obama and Clinton are tied in a new state. Can you believe it? Tied! It is neck and neck. It’s true. We still do not know who the democratic candidate is. They are both campaigning. They would both like to become president. And, it looks like they are still tied.”

    The kids are asleep upstairs, Jason’s at a gig, and I’m jumping on the couch like Tom Cruise. Thank goodness for YouTube, right? Well, I didn’t even have to resort to that because about ten minutes later a ticker ran across the top of the screen, saying that KGO Eyewitness News would sacrifice five minutes of time and immediately rerun the deleted portion of Oprah – from ten minutes ago. Apparently there were some phone calls. It was nice to know I wasn’t alone. And PHEW! – Tivo caught it.

    No? Not the same? Oh, well.
    Maybe this will make you feel more understood….


  5. Daniel Semsen

    After 98 BAZILLION votes…and a RECORD BREAKING blah blah blah blah…the winner is…of American Idol TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT…IIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS?????
    (Ryan Seacrest opens envelope)…


    The end.

    Thank you, DVR.

  6. Paul Reisser

    Hot DVR tip: if recording some live event on which the fate of Western Civilization hinges, such as the Oscars, the season finale of Survivor, the final episode of American Idol, the Super Bowl, or the Second Coming, always always always put that red record symbol on whatever program follows. I have been vindicated repeatedly for such programming foresight.

    Fortunately the outcome of any Angels game is on par with the morning farm report, so this was a good learning experience.

  7. michael lee Post author

    Because … um, we win? Like, all the time?

    I wouldn’t expect you to understand, Paul. The 80′s were a long, long time ago, and the Dodgers have been playing AAA ball pretty much ever since.

  8. the ben

    i was actually at that game yesterday. unfortunately they stop selling beer in the 8th…

  9. corey

    wow- shar, the power of the Oprah (a.k.a. the antichrist) and her following… to get the news to show the missing ten minutes of her episode. I can’t imagine they’d do the same for The Office or Two & a Half Men. That just seems bizarre to me.

  10. michael lee Post author

    The democratic race will come down to the convention, at which time they will invite Oprah to the stage, and she will anoint with oil her chosen candidate for President. I’m sure of it.

  11. Sharolyn

    I just read an article (in the actual newspaper, not O Magazine) that her ratings have declined since she endorsed Barack. I guess she alienated all those red-staters and now they don’t want to know about her Favorite Things for Summer.

  12. corey

    I just read a follow up article where she announced that she’s cured cancer and invited Africa to have Thanksgiving dinner at her Oprahland compound. That’ll probably bring the red-staters back. If not, she’ll probably just kill them from space with her Oprahlicious Death Ray.

  13. michael lee Post author

    …. does not play for the Dodgers. He is the master, but how depressing has it got to be to have the greatest in the game announce one self-destructive season after the next?

  14. Chad

    OK, I just have to say one more thing…

    After all this talk… I checked the standings. If the Dodgers were in the AL west (which would bring the mighty AL west all the way up to five teams) they would be 4 games behind the Angels.

    4 games.

    Oh, also, designated hitters are lame.

  15. corey

    Frankly- I could care less either way about the angels, dodgers, or the Las Vegas Zephyrs. But Chad has a point here. The AL breaks the first rule of baseball which states that “baseball is game played by 9 players on each team”. My college roommate calls the AL “The Communist League”. He calls me names, too, but that’s just because I treated my then girlfriend poorly before he married her. wait- where am I?

  16. michael lee Post author

    Sorry, Chad, I missed that … did you say 4 games ahead or behind the Angels?

    Corey, the reason the Angels win is because they play NL style baseball, old school scrapper ball. They always run 1st to 3rd, they bunt, they turn double plays, and they have dominant pitching. That’s not Yankees style juice ball, that’s yard ball. And that’s why I love them.

  17. corey

    oh- you don’t have to convince me. I’m all for supporting your love for whomever you choose. Dodgers, Angels, men, whatever.

  18. Chad

    4 games behind.

    I said The Dodgers would be 4 games behind. You talk about my boys like they’re, oh I dunno, “Playing AAA ball.”

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