Mourning Into Dancing

Ain’t no arranger like a former small group leader arranger!

All right, kiddos. It’s nostalgia time here on ye ole’ Addison Road blog. I wanted the summer small group to tackle something that was a little more “sport vocal” than their standard fair, something with a little movement, a little harmony to it. So, I pulled out an old favorite and twisted it up 9 ways stupid. Enjoy, complete with me screaming out lead soprano vocals.


Rhythm Chart
Vocal Score

Those of you who are astute will notice that it even has a breakdown section in the middle for the leader to introduce the band. Do you feel it? I know you feel it. You feel it like soggy turkey sandwiches and shared pull-out beds!

15 thoughts on “Mourning Into Dancing

  1. Daniel Semsen


    What drums are you using? Ultrabeat? Something awesome I don’t know about?

    You should call Christy next time…she loves to sing on stuff like this. She’d do it for kicks and giggles.

  2. michael lee Post author

    BFD for the drums.

    Yeah, I know there are options out there for female vocals (including my own awesome wifey), but it’s usually such a quick and dirty thing that it’s easier just to knock them out myself. Also, that way I’m forced to confront my own hideous part-writing before I inflict in on someone else. I’ll sometimes (often) go back in and rewrite something based on having to awkwardly sing it on the demo.

  3. Paul Reisser

    Wow! What a great arrangement!

    You’re a veritable one-man Take Six. You should take yourself on the road.

    Seriously, I’d love an mp3 of this for my iPod. You’re actually on my iChat list, so a veritable moment in cyberspace could transfer it (assuming that the atmospherics aren’t disrupting the old Airport).

    By the way, how’d you like “Indy 4″? Seemed like a little script polishing would have helped.

  4. Grammy

    Wow!!!!! Maybe I’m just built for cheese whiz, but I couldn’t stop dancing and giggling while we were listening to it! I’d even pay 99 cents for it! (Was that Rolf the Dog at 5:10?)

  5. michael lee Post author

    The MD for the summer group just described it to me as “A Disney song on crack.”

    I … that’s … um … thank you?

  6. Sharolyn

    I think the MD is a Disney song on crack! I echo the praises. How fun.
    Terri gets ten points for referencing Rolf the Dog.

  7. Grammy

    Nonsense, Sharolyn…that was worth at LEAST 15 points (an extra 5 for just remembering anything at my age)!

  8. michael lee Post author

    OK, so now I have to do a big choral arrangement of this arrangement. Maybe now is the time to go get some real female singers to do the demo, yeah?

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