Let’s go See a Movie!

So, Indiana Jones and the It’s Fun to do Bad Things opens next weekend, perhaps you’ve heard.  

I want to invite all roadies who live in the greater Los Angeles area, to partake in a long standing tradition, the Opening Weekend Line Squat in Westwood.  Here’s what you do:  go to Movietickets.com, or Fandango, or whatever, and buy a ticket to the Friday, May 23rd 7:15pm show at Mann’s Village in Westwood, CA. It will sell out, I suspect, so don’t delay.   

When you arrive, and you should arrive by 6:00 at the latest, look for us planted in chairs near the front of the line, near BJ’s Pizza.  If you can’t recognize us, start shouting “Throw me the idol, I’ll throw you the whip!” as loud as you can, and then start acting out the face melting sequence from Raiders.  We’ll know it’s you.  We’ll let you go on a little while, but then, eventually, we’ll give you a wave and end your suffering.  

From there, you will enjoy the ceremonial rituals of The Opening Weekend Summer Line Squat, which include:

The mad dash to get seats. (we split into 2 teams, entering doors 2 and 3.  whoever has a better bead on a bunch of seats in the middle makes a run for it and shouts their comrades over)

The post mad dash smugness.  (this goes on for 25 minutes or so as latecomers look at you with envy and anger as they make their way to the balcony or the extreme left or right of the 1300 seat room.)

Cheering and Jeering previews.  (there is nothing like the unfettered delight or disdain of preview material at a Westwood show.  there’s a reason stars and directors will sneak in.  we let them know how bad they suck or rock.)

Cheering the THX logo.  At The Village, achieving THX certification means driving enough wattage through the subs to power an evil, impenetrable fortress.  There’s thx, and then there’s THeffingX.  

Oh yeah… then there’s the movie itself, and there is no room in town where it will look or sound better.  If the script sucks, they actually re-edit on the fly.  Ok, that’s not true.  

So, come one, come all!  The great thing about an experience like this is that it makes the quality of the movie almost irrelevant.  Almost.  

While I’m on the topic of movies, I’d like to point out that Prince Caspian opened below expectations this weekend, despite the reviews telling us that it’s better than the first film.  I have, many times, urged Christian people who complain about the lack of good content produced by major media outlets to speak with their wallets.  

This would be one of those opportunities.  

30 thoughts on “Let’s go See a Movie!

  1. sharolyn

    Stop it! You’re not allowed to have fun without me! Especially if it involves Bryan Ashmore. ;)

    Chad, you are a fun friend. I remember seeing Titanic, I believe, with you and a group in this method of madness. I intentionally let other aisles exit before mine so I could brush up against Jon Lovitz as he also walked up the aisle. (‘Didn’t want to be obnoxious and talk to him, but at least I can say I touched him.) Fred Savage was also in the theater. Ah, memories.

  2. Karen

    Stomping feet in a mini tantrum. Reason #36 to move back to CA…opening weekend line squat with the Addisonrd crew.

  3. Chad Post author

    Star spotting (especially when you’re not trying) is one of the things I dig about L.A. We went to hear Tyrone Wells at Hotel Cafe a couple of weeks ago, and Toby MaGuire was there… just hanging out. It was also fun for me, as I ran into a high mukkymuck from Disney, whom I had only met on two other occasions. He recognized me, waved hello, introduced us to his friends, and all of a sudden I felt like I had just gone from spectator to industry guy. It felt good, I won’t lie.

    Oh, another thing? Dolphins. Yesterday, we went down to Broad Beach and hung out next to the 8 figure homes and played in the sand and surf with the kids until the sun went down at 8pm. Just before sunset, a pod of 4-5 dolphins decided they were going to put on a show, leaping fully out of the water, and riding waves straight at us. This was happening, no joke, 30 feet from shore. There were surfers riding the same waves further up the beach. My kids were totally enraptured, the parents were totally enraptured, and anyone who says L.A. has no soul just doesn’t know where to look. It ain’t at Hollywood and Highland. :)

  4. Sharolyn

    Mike, you are the devil. Why don’t I just save the cost of another plane ticket and stay the week until the alumni gig? That way I can abandon all responsibility in my all-too-real life! :)

  5. michael lee

    PERFECT! School’s out, right, Jason can just play dad for a week? Or, ya know, leave the munchkins with the folks and you both come down!

  6. michael lee

    Well, it looks like G and I are out, unless one of you wants to drive to Burbank to watch our beautiful, well-mannered children.

    We’ve been all the way down the babysitter list, including every student at APU, and there’s just nobody. Bah.

  7. Chad

    Ok, so who wants to watch Mike and Gretchen’s kids for them tonight so they don’t have to miss the movie?

  8. Mandy

    I’ll babysit your kids. But I’ve only babysat for like two other people before.
    In case you were wondering, I’m the student who walked in to your class Fall Semester during the midterm 10 minutes before class started and said I overslept. You said, “Are you in this class?” It kind of hurt, I’m not gonna lie. But I did get an A in that class, so I guess that the prereq for babysitting.

  9. michael lee

    In my defense, I think what I meant to say was, “Are you in this section?” I thought you were in the earlier section, and that you were showing up like 90 minutes late to the midterm. Probably.

    Can you email me you phone #? michael [at] addisonrd [dot] com

  10. aly

    If Mandy doesn’t work out, I say bring the kids and we’ll get some BJ’s pear cider to go in their sippy cups. Even THeffingX will be a problem.

  11. Mandy

    Yeah, I said 10 minutes before class started, I meant ended. I felt really dumb. Thank goodness there was another class that day. I even got to skip Symphonic Band so I could make it up!

  12. michael lee

    Mandy, if you didn’t already earn an “A”, I would certainly go back and change it now! Is there some other class that I teach, in which I can offer you a future grade bump?

    Yes kids, that’s the price at which Prof. Lee sells out – come watch his kids so that he can watch the Indiana Jones movie with his wife and good friends.

  13. Chad Post author


    Just for the record, I didn’t see that Mike had posted the same exact thing… oh.. about 60 seconds before I did. I thought I was brilliant.

    Oh well. Great minds…


  14. michael lee

    We’re all still at Jerry’s deli, drinkin milkshakes and talking about the flick.

    The rest of the crew seemed to think it was the second coming of Ghandi. I, however, think Grammy said it best, “I could sh*t a better script in my sleep.”

  15. Chad Post author

    Wow… I think your memory might be a little diluted by all that sugar. I think the general consensus was that we were entertained, and not a lot more.

  16. michael lee

    I distinctly remember Chad saying, “This is the greatest movie since Michael Clayton. If it doesn’t win every award next year, I’m turning in my SAG card!”

  17. Gretchen

    I think that it was an entertaining movie. You’re almost always going to disappoint people when you take a successful franchise and come back 20 years later and keep it going (see Star Wars). But it was in keeping with the Indy feel, he’s just much older and not as witty.

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