Phreaky Phriday: “It’s fun to do bad things”

Totalled 2006 Dodge Durango: $22,500

Punishment: A whole weekend without videogames

Doing hood-rat stuff with your friends: Priceless

Today, let’s take a moment to remember little Latarian Milton. A 7-year old boy with more poise and focus than most of us can muster. It’s friday, Roadies – go out there and make the most of it.

16 thoughts on “Phreaky Phriday: “It’s fun to do bad things”

  1. Zack Post author

    “It’s Fun To Do Bad Things”

    My official vote for the title of the Dailies new record. Also for consideration:

    “Me: Do It.”

  2. Chad

    Maybe “It’s Fun to do Bad Things” could be the b part of the title, like

    Indiana Jones and the It’s Fun to do Bad Things.

  3. michael lee

    Indiana Jones and the It’s Fun to do Bad Things 2: Electric Boogaloo

    (Sharolyn, I had never heard that joke before your comment, now it’s my new favorite.)

  4. sharolyn

    I’m honored. We watched it in Jr. High at my birthday slumber party. I wanted to be “Special K” (Kelly).

  5. corey

    Oh my gosh, Shar. I was crazy about Breakin’. And when Electric Boogaloo came out, it was as if angels called my name. We are kindred spirits, you and I.

  6. sharolyn

    Are you kidding? Because I can’t tell! (But we are kindred spirits – you crack me up.)

    Were you as genuinely inspired as I was when they would take out the red spray paint and fill in the thermometer of how much money was needed to save the community center?

    I just looked it up online and this is my favorite quote: “The developer has city hall’s approval but the kids have heart and soul.”


  7. Sharolyn's Husband

    Corey, this morning I was logging onto my comcast e-mail, and accidentally switched two of the middle letters. Let’s just say that would make an interesting flag.

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  9. corey

    I just re-read your comcast comment. I JUST NOW got it.

    And then proceeded to laugh out loud with much guilt (because I can’t tell anyone in my house what I’m laughing at).

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