8 thoughts on “The Dailies Video Log: Signal Chain

  1. Zack

    Teri – I hope you don’t expect the studio experience to be anything like the short films I’m making. It’s all Hollywood trickery and whatnot. In fact, Chad is actually being played by American Idol’s Bo Bice. I mean, come on. We’ve got to use professionals for the visual stuff, right?

  2. Grammy

    “BO BICE”???
    No matter…it will all look fabulous through the haze of my B&H.

  3. Bill Metanoya

    I was there, live and in person, last night and I can assure you there was no booze and certainly no heroin, although the “incense” had a familiar smell…well no matter.

    There was, however, an inordinate amount of funk and musical talent and track 6 ROCKS…can’t wait.

  4. Kayla

    Hey guys I can’t wait to hear more!!! I some pic’s can I post them up some where for you guys to see?

  5. Erica

    that would be awesome….I’ll get back to you, Kayla. Thanks for coming over and shooting photos. I can’t wait to see what you’ve captured!

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