Zack is at the studio filming everything …

Zack is at the studio filming everything. So far, the running gag is to make outrageous claims about your previous studio experience while on camera. Anybody know what the over/under is on when the camera just fades to the background and we can be ourselves?

Help me out, reality TV fans.

5 thoughts on “Zack is at the studio filming everything …

  1. Zack

    I was actually afraid this would happen…

    Don’t worry. I’ll fade into the background soon enough. Of course, this means I can’t throw down prostitute jokes and share smoke-breaks. :(

  2. Chad

    last night, Zack, while doing some “interview” type footage, said something like this..

    “This is where you need to kind of let your ego out. It’ll be really annoying to me and everyone that knows you, but you have to do it anyways.”

    I thought… perfect. I’ll annoy all my friends to win the hearts and minds of people I don’t know or care about. I love this world..

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