google suggest

Google has a “suggest” feature that lets you type a few words, and see what the most common google searches are that begin with those words. Here’s is a huge screen capture of whole bunch of common sentence beginnings, and how your fellow human beings use the Googlemonster. Enjoy!

(clicky for biggy)

Google Suggest

4 thoughts on “google suggest

  1. sharolyn

    Mike, this is TMI. Literally. TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!

    I enjoyed this from The Onion ticker: “Yahoo tries to find way to compete with Google by Googling ‘Ways to compete with Google’”.

  2. Julie

    You know I found that very sad! Why don’t boys like me, why do people commit suicide, is it ok that I am fat, gay, cold…….and the one that got me, hungry.
    How sad of a state we are in. I wish I could reach out and hug them all and tell them God loves them and none of it matters, just focus on HIM!

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