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  1. PortcullisChain

    It’s almost too over the top, to the point where I expect the video to be a rick roll or something. Thanks for the link, but I would feel dirty going there so I will have to let my imagination horrify by itself. I don’t want to feed it.

  2. Karen

    Isn’t this someone who should be tried for murder? Getting yourself pregnant to kill the baby should be a punishable offense!

  3. Chad

    What a victory for progressive thought. She’s a genius.

    I have decided to, like, stop being so, like dismissive of great art, and umm.. like… rejecting, like, my anti-empowerment, homogenized, umm, like, paternally inflicted, umm… like, boxes of my institutionalized, power-mad, hetero-umm-normative upbringing.

    You know?

  4. PortcullisChain

    Just out of curiosity since I’m new to the party at AddisonRoad, what is the beef with “Fundies”? Were you attacked as a small child by roving bands of baptists?

  5. Chad

    Portcullis -

    Most of us were raised at the fringe of fundamentalism. Just enough to get a little taste… and spit it straight back out on the ground, where it belongs.

  6. PortcullisChain

    Granted….but aren’t they still brothers and sisters in Christ. Shouldn’t you pray for them in the spirit of Roman 15, instead of telling them to “shut the f*** up”?

  7. Chad

    PortcullisChain -

    C’mon man! I totally told them I loved them after I told them to shut up. :) Also, I was exhorting fundamentalists of all shapes and sizes, on all edges of the sociopolitical spectrum, not just the tighty-rightys.

    And also I’m also not exactly speaking in my serious, big-boy voice here. This is my internet voice, which is the same as my 2 year old son’s “Outside voice.”

  8. PortcullisChain

    Sorry if I mis-understood you. I interpreted your “love chad” as sarcasm. I’m now going to repeat 700 Hail Marys (in my loud ‘Outside voice’), flagellate myself until white pus start oozing all while reading Leviticus 25:29 over and over and over and over…..

  9. Chad

    Dude… it was totally sarcastic… :)

    If you want to have a serious conversation about my opinions regarding the destructive habits of fundamentalist-type folks, be they hardcore Christians or Yale Art Students / Serial Abortionists, we should have it on another thread… this one has me just too foul minded for anything beyond fly-by sarcasm.

  10. Chad

    Did you watch the video? It’s unrelated to her art project, and it gave me great comfort and delight to see that she is just a piss-poor orator. Ready for some good-old-fashioned fightin-fundie type judgmentalism?!… cause here it comes:

    It’s clear to me, Chad Reisser, that you, Aliza Shvarts, are incapable of impacting the world using words, ideas, or art. Therefore, you resort to this abhorrent display, using your blood-bought rights of free expression as an American citizen like something cheap and disposable, like a dishrag. You disgust me.

  11. PortcullisChain

    I didn’t see the video. The description was enough for me. Is the Huffington post applauding her for being a brave artist. This is right up there with the “Piss Jesus” art.

  12. Chad

    The video is totally unrelated to her project. It’s just her blathering on and on about nothing. It’s awesome, like my blogs.

  13. PortcullisChain

    Here is a pro-choice blog writing about it.
    The comment left by GirlReporter at 12:16 shows the nutty logic employed by the pro-choice side.
    “If she’d gotten pregnant by accident and decided to use the pill and document it once, then I’d probably cut her some slack. But this is . . . disturbing on so many levels. I feel sorry for her professors who now have to figure out how to judge this”

    It’s ok if you want to kill one baby, but…….several babies…..that’s disturbing on so many levels.

  14. PortcullisChain

    Yale says shame on us for believe such a wacky story.

  15. michael lee Post author

    So … next question. What does it say about the state of the art world, and the state of academia, that this seems so entirely plausible?

  16. june

    It says that the art world is twisted beyond belief. Recently, we had dinner with a fascinating couple: she is my son’s piano teacher (an all-around accomplished musician and clinician) and he is either a psychiatrist or a psychologist (and I’m REALLY sorry to be so lame about not knowing). Anyway, he was telling us that he can hardly stand to sit through a sermon and doesn’t even like the word “Christian” any more due to all he has heard from his Christian clients/patients over the years. I think that Christians who are visual artists may get to a similar point about the term “artist.” I suppose it’s not surprising, in a way, that the visual arts routinely fall prey to the worst of the human condition…it makes me wonder if God were to make humans again if he do it minus the visual part.

    I know I don’t make a lot of sense. I skipped most of my art major senior seminar class. It shows. They still let me graduate…cuz they felt sorry for me. (For reals.)

  17. june

    “The entire project is an art piece, a creative fiction designed to draw attention to the ambiguity surrounding form and function of a woman’s body.”

    Performance art tends to chap my hide. If the above was really her artistic goal, she really, really, really deserves an F. Having never taken a class in performance art (I assume there are classes) I wonder about how students are graded.

    And here’s a little tip to art students everywhere: if ambiguity is your goal, don’t start with the female body. There must be a big chunk of that sentence that was edited out…”the ambiguity of ???? surrounding form and function of a woman’s body”…because I’m not sure there is much of anything that could be more UNambiguous than a woman’s body. Duh.

  18. Cerise

    I’m going to weigh in – I’m heartened to see that at the end of the article PC just posted the link to, it says that people on both sides of the abortion discussion are pretty appalled. I think that yes, if you believe that abortion is wrongful killing of a human baby, this would be especially grieving and repugnant. But even people who don’t feel that way are weighing in, and I think that’s cool. Even they are saying – “wow, she’s being really, really cruel in the face of women who have lost a little one and feel anguish over it”. I personally believe (and I haven’t settled my own mind about abortion, so don’t think I’m going there) that she’s at worst committing multiple murders and calling it art and at BEST messing horribly with her body and with reproduction in general, which ought to be handled with kid gloves and a great deal of respect. And grossing everyone, EVERYONE out in the process. This goes way beyond Piss Christ in my opinion. Though I really didn’t have a problem with that exhibit, to be honest.

    I think she’s being disingenuous at best, saying that what she’s doing isn’t meant to be provocative. Oh, REALLY. I agree that she’s got…issues is hardly the word for it… I mean, I’m still glad that we live in a place where she CAN do this sort of thing and not get locked up, I really am, but I think she’s getting way, WAY more attention than she deserves. I wish at least that she’d acknowledge the shock value factor. Her being all surprised at the reaction is just lame. I think that pisses me off the most.

    Plus, the exhibit just sounds like 10 kinds of unsanitary.

  19. sharolyn

    Chad, your response made me LOL because I was thinking that would be cool to do with any of the scriptures referencing light, such as I John: ” 5This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. 6If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. 7But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

    I don’t mean to get all Janice Christian on you. You can pick a swear word in caps for the end.

  20. june

    The one day poem piece is perfection. I’m not saying that you can or should take away the moral aspect of whats-her-face’s “art,” but she should be put on academic probation and sent to her room to rethink her major because she is just NOT getting it as an art major. (And clearly, first, she needs to, ya know, get professional psychological help….and in my opinion, repent.)

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