New Music From The Dailies – Signal Chain

Well.  I wish to assure Mike and Corey that I have not slunk off anywhere.  All of the bittersweet couplets are already written.  

This past week has been very, very busy.    Anyways… here is something new for you all to hear.  I will again send you to The Dailies website to hear it.  This one’s got a little fundie-bait in it, not to mention a pretty sweet bass part.  :)

Click here and enjoy!

28 thoughts on “New Music From The Dailies – Signal Chain

  1. Chad Post author

    I got a fever, and the only cure, is more discussion of broken dreams and shadows and valleys.

  2. Chad Post author

    Sorry Corey… I know I told you that I’d left most of my fakie, synth guitar parts off of these demos, and for the most part it’s true. I was just sorta feeling experimental on this one.

    You think you can beat that? Or am I gonna have to send this burnin’ track all the way to final?

  3. corey

    No need to beat it, just emulate it. It’s cool, though. I like the swirly girlie business these days. Now I hear “I need more cowbell” as “I need more reverse delay”. :)

  4. sharolyn

    “-and (Stick), really explore the studio space this time. I mean really… explore the space.”

  5. JC

    Gee, can a guy slip a comment in here Sharolyn?! Ahem…seeing as how everyone else is stuck in trying-to-be-funny space, and apparently I am the only one who spends any time worrying about Chad’s fragile ego, I would like to add that I think this song really rocks!

  6. michael lee

    JC, we know that if you tend to Chad’s fragile ego, only bad things can happen. He writes better as a tortured, misunderstood loner than as an adulated pop icon for millions.

  7. Chad Post author

    Sheesh… you guys have no idea how much I keep in check…

    Allow me to be plain-spoken: I think songs we’re preparing for The Dailies next record are world class. I think most of the stuff out there is crap. I think I’m a hell of a good songwriter and an even better singer. Don’t mistake my sketchy working habits with fragility… :)

    I’ll take only green M&Ms in the green room, please.

  8. june

    Chad, I’ve never thought of your ego as fragile. Fragile: egg shells, poofy dandelions, newborns, fine China, not Chad. I haven’t had time to listen to anything yet…but, I will. I’m painting up a storm, getting ready for a show…I’d ask you to look at what I’ve done so far but my ego is too, ya know, fragile. (And unlike you, I’m not sure I have the patience/ability to articulate what will and won’t be there in the final rendering.) And, in my usual pre-show panic, I’m worried about people coming. Today I invited the nice man who works at the post office and a woman I just met this morning. Panic sometimes inspires bravery (put that in a song). Oh wait, this was about YOU, not me….

  9. june

    I need a patron of my art before something like that happens. (Or, I need to be dead a good, long while.)

  10. michael lee

    What, the fact that an original “June Steckler” hangs in my office at work isn’t enough to get you a show in LA? Sheesh. Art peoples.

  11. corey

    If anyone is wondering what the west coast satellite campus of Graceland looks like (also known as Eldorado Recording), you can see it here. (click on the thumbnail and then the upper right to advance to the next pic.) We’re about a week away from the full site launch, but I know the guy who’s doing the rebuild, so…

    This is where Dailies v.2 will go down in a little less than three weeks.

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