11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baby

  1. Cerise

    Happy Birthday, Gretchen! May you be showered with heaps of compliments today that include, but are not limited to, your sense of humor and how you’re ‘down with it’ and ‘cool like that’.

    (P.S. Since when do I have to log in to WordPress to comment?)

  2. Julie

    God danced the day you were born Gretchen happy birthday! I hope it is all you hope for!

  3. june

    Welcome to your 20′s! ; ) teehee! I know I speak for so very many when I say I’m glad you were born! I hope your day is a good one….but, if it’s full of crankiness from your sweet babe, less than ideal behavior from your darling toddler and Mike gives you a gift that is, um, “welllllll…thanks….hon….that’s a……………..nice….present.” (C’mon Mike!!) I hope that even still, your heart will be filled with joy at the life you’re living. Happy Birthday and many more! Indeed you are down with it and cool like that!

  4. Linda

    Hope you had an absolutely splendid and extra special day!
    You are amazing, beautiful, warm, delightful, brilliant, loving
    and, oh yes…definately cool.
    Happy Birthday Gretchen!
    Sending love, joy and best wishes always
    Linda Thom Lauren & Nate

  5. michael lee Post author

    Picnic at Griffith Park Observatory + 3 hours of uninterrupted grown-up reading + Dinner + “Wicked” + free babysitting from some friends at church = Happy Birthday Indeed!

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