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  1. Stick

    Is that Russ on drums? Man, he can play. Why is his kit on the floor? He should be in a suspended cage turning upside down.

    That keyboard dude is pretty cool. He needed to take over Meredith’s solo with some flashy Chopin licks though. Or #11s. A battle to the death with Meredith playing ONLY #11s. Yes.

  2. sharolyn

    1) How did you land this gig,
    2) How long was it,
    3) What was your biggest fear?

  3. michael lee Post author

    1) I was playing keyboards for BASIX, which was kind of like Avalon Lite, based out of Yorba Linda Friends Church in Orange County. One of the singers in the group was Christine Niles, who married Russ Miller, the guys playing drums in this video. When he got the call to be musical director for this tour, he called me and one other guy to audition. I had 48 hours to prepare, and in that time, I rebuilt all of the loops, all of the keyboard sounds, and all of the programmed parts from all 3 of her albums. When we got to the audition, Russ counted off the first tune, and I unleashed, basically, the record. Meredith stopped the song, and looked at Russ, and said, “Did you give him the ProTools sessions?” Russ said, “I didn’t give him anything.” She turned back to me and said, “You got the gig.”

    It was one of the few moments in my life when I knew how much something was worth, and had the time to go hard after it.

    2) We toured for a summer with this band, then I worked on a handful of other projects with her as a studio keyboardist, nothing else live.

    3) My biggest fear was embarrassing myself in front of Russ.

  4. the ben

    mike, i love how you dress the same way for just about everything you do. i also like meredith’s strat, i’ve never seen one in that color. ROCK AND ROLL!

  5. Gretchen

    “Gretchen, how could you let Mike tour for a whole summer without you, while you were still newly married?” Answer: on a Melissa Ethridge tour, the 12,000 screaming women in the audience, aren’t looking at him. :)

  6. sharolyn

    Mike said: “It was one of the few moments in my life when I knew how much something was worth, and had the time to go hard after it.”

    Like the time you met Gretchen? ;)

  7. Cerise

    Sharolyn, I just took that in a completely different direction than you intended.

    50 points if you meant it the way I took it.

  8. sharolyn

    Maybe I was +50 for the Astley concert, now I’m -50 for having a clean mind. Gretchen is just too lovely for me to be crass. :)

  9. michael lee Post author

    Excellent. Now we’ll be able to tell which of my students read the blog, because they won’t be able to look Gretchen in the eye.

  10. Chad

    Here’s the thing about Gretchen.

    Some of you don’t know this, but she is cut from a similar divine cloth as my Erica. On St. Patrick’s Day, the Lee’s arrived at our place, and G was wearing a pair of jeans, a white long-sleeve shirt, and a green, “Everyone Loves an Irish Girl” t-shirt from Old Navy.

    Unbeknownst to her, earlier in the day, Erica had dressed for the occasion with a pair of jeans, a white long-sleeve shirt, and a green “Everyone Loves an Irish Girl” t-shirt from Old Navy.

    Gretchen and Erica actually managed to pick the exact same wedding dress for our weddings, which were separated by about 5 months, if I remember correctly.

    More then that, they’re freakishly similar in demeanor, in their choice of men (As Mike and I share some freakishly similar traits), and they’re both just… sorta chill girls in all the right ways.

    So, with this in mind, it’s hard for me to accept the idea that Mrs. Lee is as altogether sweet and.. ahem… docile… as some might perceive.

    Did it just get weirder? Crap.

  11. Cerise

    Homes, if I didn’t think Gretchen wasn’t totally down (I met her for about 8 hours total that one time we visited Aly and Ash), I wouldn’t be on this thread doing what I do.

    Which is showing everyone how exactly my mind resembles that of a 12-year-old boy’s.

  12. sharolyn

    Gretchen, don’t you love us all talking about you? ;)
    All I meant to say was that my original intent was cuteness. That’s all.

    So, Meredith Brooks!

  13. michael lee Post author

    Her first single was “Bitch”. Her second single was called “Crazy”. In concert, we played them in reverse order. It was our little inside joke.

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