I’m probably gonna be fired

Anybody know of a church that’s looking for a Worship Leader? I’m probably gonna be fired come Monday. The APU small group (big guitars, drums, aggressive vocals) is at our church this week. Before 1st service even started, a half a dozen people walked out with their angry faces on. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Sorry, Doug.

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  1. Trevor Carpenter

    What?! Are there still churches, (with any attendance), who still have issues with contemporary music?

    Bleh, them them die off if they don’t want to speak the language of today.

  2. sharolyn

    YES, my church is looking for a music pastor. I don’t know what they are paying, but I will throw in $50 if you apply. And I’ll babysit. Do you have a rider? Two Evian bottles at 55 degrees? Only your favorite color of M & Ms?

    Wow, I wish I could hear the offensive music. What a bummer. I’m sure they are wonderful, Mike.

  3. Bobby

    Hey, at least your churches allow instrumental music. The Church of Christ/Christian Church has been fighting over whether or not to allow any instruments at all for over 100 years.

    The singer for my band has some high-ranking connections with the denomination, so we end up doing several youth events per year for Churches of Christ. Often, even though they allow us to play music to entertain the youth, we are prohibited from playing worship songs. Some of the more progressive churches are working towards various compromises for the sake of unity, but it is still an interesting dilemma in many cases.

    Last summer we were hired for a camp, to play worship each day and then a concert the last night, but just before the camp we were notified that they were going to have their own worship instead, as some churches had threatened to drop out if there was instrumental worship.

    Not to take anything away from acapella music – our experience with it has been overwhelmingly positive, and the sound of 100+ experienced young voices singing out strong is amazing. Although we sometimes have a good (if stifled) laugh at some of the arrangements/tempo choices/accidental meter changes.

    The latest camp did want us to do a worship set. There were some interesting looks thrown around by a few of the adults, and the kids at first looked like they weren’t sure if they were allowed to participate. But by the end it was really great, the church’s worship leader came up and sang a song with us and that seemed to break the ice pretty well. We always try to tailor a set to the audience, so anytime an acapella section would naturally appear we extended it a bit.

    It’s just unfortunate that so many people think “their way” is the only real way to worship.

  4. the ben

    only 6 people? dude, they’re probably going to promote you to CEO of church services and general awesomeness. do you know how many angry faces i got when i would show up with my APU small group and my ponytail (that’s right, the one that went down my back and hit my arse…)? i would have at least 6 people on average waiting for me after the concert to kick said arse in the name of jesus. luckily bass playing hippy rockstars are pretty zen so i was able to slap and pop/kung fu my way out of it…

  5. Cerise

    I can’t decide which bit surprised me more; the fact that your people in YOUR church walked out with angry faces (I thought they thought you could do no wrong), Trevor’s vehement response (don’t worry, man – that would’ve been my response back in my college small group days as well, though I’m in therapy for anger management, so…) or Doug’s total willingness to screw with you so thoroughly.

  6. Anthony

    We’re hiring.
    We need you.
    Our staff keeps getting younger and more relevant, so you’d be a nice addition in the other direction ;)

  7. michael lee Post author

    Before Doug blows a gasket, I should clarify, I’m NOT looking for a new position, I’m in no real fear of losing my job, and can’t imagine a better fit for us than our current role at CCC.

    I was just blowing off a little steam after a frustrating early morning. Everything got much better after I posted this, and 2nd service loved the group.

  8. Melody

    the ben had a ponytail? Wow, in my APU days, our group got in trouble for wanting (not having, just wanting) a drummer. Hello Rod. And the Church of Christ thing? I was at a CoC funeral where my FIL dubbed the choir “The Butchershop Quartet”. Unfortunately, this got passed down the row and containment became difficult.

  9. Chad

    The older I get, the more I am convinced that youth is terribly overrated. I’m waaay more interesting today then I was 10 years ago. And the beauty of spending your adolescence obese is that I’m sure as shit better looking then I was 10 years ago.

  10. sharolyn

    Mike, I knew you weren’t in real danger of losing your job, I just thought I’d seize the opportunity to bribe anyhow.

    I remember the first girl in University Choir with a nose ring, and how that had to be a “discussion”.

    Chad, ‘can’t wait to see how good you look. :)

  11. Chad

    If I remember, she was allowed to keep the nose ring, and my suspicion is that it was because she was (to quote Zoolander) “Really, really, really good looking,”

  12. corey

    I love the nose ring. I think it’s sexy on chicks. Chad, I certainly don’t mean to imply that your wife is on my proverbial list. I’m just trying to stand up for the pierced ones out there.

    I’ll bet you a crispy dollar, though, that I’ll change my tune once my little Princess grows up and asks if she can get pierced. She doesn’t even have earrings yet.

    And back to the OP and early comments, my real dad attends CoC and I’m pretty sure he thought I was doing the devil’s work last time we talked and I told him I subbed out as an electric guitar player and a number of SoCal churches. Playing solos!!!!!! ***gasp!!!!****

  13. Eric

    Chad Says:

    “This implies that I was an adolescent 10 years ago.


    Ah, but remember, growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

  14. Julie

    Hey Mike I go to the church in question although I am one of the cool ones that attends second service! LOL! you were all awesome, it simply amazes me that you have as much talent as you do with music. Those voices were like listening to angels touching my heart. You are awesome and to all of you trying the bribes, sorry, but I will cook babysit crawl and get on my knees to make the man and his wonderful family stay with us. Happy Tuesday!

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