9 thoughts on “Gretchen is my hero.

  1. Sharolyn

    I assumed Mike would be the author. Gretchen is a hero to many. June, why is she your hero (or did I miss something)?

  2. June Post author

    Sharolyn, you didn’t miss anything. I just like being vague…it’s, ya know, artsy. I asked for Gretchen’s professional opinion and she gave it in spades. When it comes to the teachin’ of my youngin’s, I’ve learned that I’m a bit paranoid…maybe even neurotic? I would’ve asked for your professional opinion as well, Sharolyn, if I’d had your email. I wish you were both here…so you could be my kids’ teachers!

    Gretchen, as I write this, dear Z is next to me, rippin’ through a page of touchmath. Apparently, the system has clicked with him. Still, something is up with the dear boy. I can’t quite put my finger on it…as touchy (heh) feely as it sounds, my best guess is that he’s in the midst of an emotional growth spurt. He’s seems to be transitioning from little tyke to Kid! It’s throwing him and his mom a bit.

  3. Gretchen

    I hear that happens. It is amazing how much 6 year olds change in a year, moving from these precious little Kindergarten-ers to full fledged student. It was refreshing to be asked for a “professional opinion”. I had forgotten I had one of those ;) thanks.

  4. Sharolyn

    Professionally, I would say that whatever you do, don’t drop him on his head. They hate that.

  5. Sharolyn

    Mike, it was so strange that you said that because we recently had a kidney removal in my family, so know more about it now than we used to! It’s looking like everything will be just fine. But I wouldn’t wish it upon my enemy.

    And Gretchen is a hero. That had nothing to do with Gretchen, but that’s okay in blogging, right?

  6. michael lee

    I’m glad everything is going to be OK. Random references to kidney transplants is kind of my running joke, you know, one of those things that keeps getting funnier and funnier the longer we’re married, only Gretchen doesn’t want to admit that its hilarious so she rolls her eyes instead, but that’s her way of saying, “That’s hilarious.”

    And yes, feel free to wander off topic.

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