14 thoughts on “I was right about my C average

  1. aly hawkins

    June and Stick, we need Mike as a study buddy. Or we need to form a science team called The 76ers.

    The weird thing is, I got great grades in science, even ribboning in that bastion of R&D, the Oklahoma State Science Fair. Twice.

  2. June Post author

    Wow, Mike…you being smart comes as such a shock. I’ve heard that the sun comes up every day as well.

  3. corey

    I got a 69%. This game sucks. Where are the questions about undiscovered and obscure 80′s guitar icons, Jennifer Darnell, and Carrie Thornton? That’s what I was studying in the 8th grade. Oh- and how to be a humongous nerd.

  4. Leoskeo

    Great, a test to make me feel as insecure as I did back then being an 8th grade, hope someday a girl will like me, don’t be too smart or people will expect more, why is there one giant long hair growing from my left nipple, is that normal squeaky voiced science stupid head. Maybe you can bring back the pain of zits and my first break up too. Have a nice Easter.

  5. harmonicminer


    I missed the aerobic AND anerobic respiration question

    sigh (see, that was a respiration)

    No hot air jokes, please

  6. Bobby

    92% – same as always.

    Kids, let this be a lesson to you. Your academic performance is pre-determined by several environmental and genetic factors over which you have no control. So don’t worry about them.

    Unless you are my kids, in which case you better worry about them, because there’s a reckoning on the way!

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