Ba-ba-ba-Baaaaass Flute

I wandered around the School of Music this evening with my children, and Sophia was fascinated by all of the different instruments. She would see somebody playing something, and stop them to ask, “What’s that?”, quickly followed by, “What does it do?” The students were all very gracious, and stopped to explain their instruments to her, including several personal demonstrations.

The bass flute was by far her favorite:

Angel with a Bass Flute

We also got to stick around for a few minutes to hear the head of our string department rehearsing the Bach Double Violin Concerto for tonight’s concert. Sophia was rapt through the whole thing, even swaying from side to side as the two halves of the ensemble traded phrases against each other.

I’m going to check the benefits package on my contract, to see if “enriching and unique childhood experiences” is there, next to dental and 401k.

10 thoughts on “Ba-ba-ba-Baaaaass Flute

  1. Karen

    That is so cute! Funny, I saw this on Teris blog last night but didn’t realize it was Sophia. So, it is not looking like the music gene will skip her!

  2. Eric

    Your daughter is lovely. She might want to play an instrument closer to her size (of course my wife is 5’1″ and a double bassist…)

  3. Chad

    Groovy. I was sorta excited, and also sorta offended… since I didn’t know about it…

  4. Sharolyn

    I had a similar experience this week, and even thought, “This could be a blog post”. But then I came home, and Mike, you said it beautifully: “I’m going to check the benefits package on my contract, to see if “enriching and unique childhood experiences” is there, next to dental and 401k.”

    Earlier this school year, the bait-and-switch of funding had me grumpy and feeling under-appreciated. Then our lovely governor proposed $4 billion in cuts and the conversation (for me) changed drastically. My job, and my husband’s, could not exist next year.

    We are tenured, so they’d have to employ us. (I work half-time.) Thankfully my family would not loose finances. It’s just that we’d have different jobs, for which we’re qualified, but would love a lot less.

    Suddenly, I started to see all of the things I love about my job. After the grind of working on five elementary school musicals, the Spring performances began. It’s odd, but I get an adrenaline rush to see my students, some of whom I’ve come to know for five years, put on wigs and glasses and pretend they are Presidents or Sacajawea or Hansel or Gretel or Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. After hearing the same joke for weeks, there is much fulfillment in hearing it performed, followed by laughter.

    My daughter is old enough to come, now, and the “big kids” love showing her how to perform. She also attended a dress rehearsal for The Berkeley Opera this week and got those demonstrations that Sophia was blessed with.

    Now our jobs are looking safe. And we are relieved. And my tune has changed. Whatever the budget is, I’ll make do. Because there are priceless aspects to my job. Here are just a few:

    -being at the elementary school where my children will soon be for a span of 8 years
    -many of my co-workers are some of my favorite people
    -having some of my childhood teachers as adult mentors
    -”enriching and unique childhood experiences” (thanks, Mike)

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