sorority chicks

Recently said to me: Them, “You got a new car? What kind did you get?” Me, “A silver Jetta.” Them, “Oh, I guess I didn’t realize you were a sorority girl!”

11 thoughts on “sorority chicks

  1. Chad

    “Silver Jetta”

    That will turn up some NAAAAASSSTY stuff. Ok, not really… but doesn’t it sorta sound like an illegal sex act?

  2. Zack

    Tried it. All I get are photos of pretentious looking 30-somethings with hand-made baby slings, and Abercrombie toddler clothing. A disappointment, really.

  3. Chad

    You should see Erica with her hand-made baby sling. Sooooo sexy.

    On a serious note… I think I may have changed my last S**tty diaper! Hooray!

  4. Zack

    Chad, you forgot something, pal – when I get old, you’re gonna have to change my sh*tty diapers. (and fetch me cigarettes and coffee, boy!)

  5. corey

    i gotta be honest, I’m a little uneasy that the tube gnomes have chosen my “C for Corey” post as a related post to this one…

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