15 thoughts on ““Hallelujah” on iTunes

  1. Chad

    Hehe…. you know why it’s there, right? It will sully your hope for humanity.

    It is nice to see one of the greatest recordings in history back where it belongs, however.

  2. rich

    and people thought american idol had no redeeming value. they got a damn good song pushed to the top on itunes. that’s enough for me!

  3. Stick

    The masses probably have no idea who Jeff Buckley is, but because dreds-boy sang the tune the song shoots up the chart in a matter of days. And we wonder why AI is in it’s 7th season and going strong. It’s genius marketing machine.

  4. Zack

    I almost threw a brick at my TV when that broke-ass rasta retard butchered this song on American Idol. But the end justifies the means, I suppose.

  5. Matty

    Man…haven’t listened to his stuff in soooo long. I’m having flashbacks of too much to drink in Heather’s apartment…just across the street from our Christian ?University.

  6. Matty

    And last…I believe. I’m no match for your mad Jose Cuervo skillz.

    Listen up Roadies…never get involved in a land war in Asia, and never go in against Mike Lee when honor is on the line!!!

  7. Cerise

    Dude, I will drink your ass into the ground. Next time we meet. But not Cuervo. 1800 anejo, if you please.

    So some snot-nosed AI kid got this raised to the top? Well, fine. At least people are getting it heard done right.

  8. Cerise

    I just watched the Jason Castro boy sing Hallelujah…huh. I was just floored. What a gift. I mean, the quaver at the end, the way he rushed the groove…amazing. And when he got up off the stool, my knees just gave way. Move over, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley and K.D. Lang.

    OK, sarcasm over. You folks who actually watch this show: did Simon take Jesus into his heart or something? I only got through the song to watch Simon CRUCIFY the guy and then the bastard gave him mad props! I just…WHAT??

  9. Chad

    Cerise, I felt the same way. I was ready for Simon to obliterate him and avenge me… and then… whaaaaa?!?!?

    The Buckley version is canon to me, man.

  10. Cerise

    Yep. You cover Buckley you have the chops to back it up, man. No exceptions.

    You think I’ll ever sing that? Hell, no.

    Thanks for saying, man. I was starting to feel like an ogre. But that didn’t change my opinion. [grins]

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