Our Daily Bread

Two blessings that pass by without being noted, but for which I am deeply grateful.

  • I am strong and healthy while my children are young. I can lift them and carry them, still sleeping, from the car to the bed.
  • Almost every day, someone will ask me a question that has no simple answer, and so I am invited to spend time just, simply, thinking.

One thought on “Our Daily Bread

  1. Cerise

    Indeed, Michael. And we come here to read your thoughts, enjoy and commune.

    Blessings of mine:

    1. Many, many friends, true friends, far away and in Seattle who would have my back without thought and who, to a person, simultaneously make me feel profoundly cherished and help me get over myself.

    2. Straight-up hard-won true love.

    3. The intertubes, without which many of the #1 types wouldn’t exist to me.

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