11 thoughts on “Phreaky Phriday: LA to NYC in 4 Minutes

  1. Cerise

    Dude, you rule for finding this. This video made me hunger so much for a road trip that my tum hurts a bit. Plus, I’m a bit in love with these fellas and their scarves. And I want to have the car’s baby.

  2. June

    Yes Cerise, and if only there were a place to crash on the way to that 1325 miles from Seattle destination, in the studio of one telented mofo. If only, if only…

  3. Stick

    Yeah, I love road tripping. June’s not as fond of it, but we’ve decided we’re gonna 4-wheel it up to Montana over the summer at some point. Other than the boring section through Nevada on the first day, it’s a stunning drive.

    Oh, and I think we’ll be investing in the dual screen DVD player for the back seat passengers.

  4. Cerise

    Michael, June. I seriously teared up for a sec. For realz. Bevy? Friends? Really, really? You guys are so loving. I don’t deserve…

    Uh, June? Not to mention the fact that you and Ramon are both viz artists and would probably have to go off and have figurative artist sex with your collected works somewhere. FIGURATIVE!!

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