new nickname

You call him Stick. I call him Brian. But one of his new clients wrote today and called him a “telented mofo.” Yes, telented.

My husband, my beloved, my telented mofo.

(To all you single gals, my telented mofo is from the midwest. Apparently, the midwest has all the best mofos. So yeah, you might want to get your Michigan on.)

16 thoughts on “new nickname

  1. Chad

    I creepily go into the musicians forum and search for the word “Singer,” so that I may creepily investigate the nature of the ads for session singers.


    So no one’s gonna acknowledge how weird is the pic that looks like Stick in drag?

  2. June Post author

    Bloggy Mommy, I only had to think for a second to figure it out. And you’re right: at the convent, we didn’t throw the term around tooooo often. Maybe you could imagine me saying it (though I never would actually speak it!) if you picture some animated birdies landing on my hands while I say it.

    Cerise, dost thou (also) taunt me or are you genuinely confused? (Taunting puts you in good company as Blog Mama is one of my dearest and nearest.)

  3. corey witt

    how come June’s and telented mofo’s avatars are gone? Have they been banned because of June’s careless use of implied profanity?

    Romeo is banished.
    And by Romeo, I mean June.
    and telented mofo.

  4. Cerise

    Nay, I dost and durst not taunt Her Magnificent and Fresh-Smellingness, The June. I think this falls neatly into the Cerise-commenting category of getting in and mixing sh*t up with no particular point or object.

    I proudly use all permutations of this word, including THE ACTUAL WORD [screams of horror], ‘mofo’, and have even referred to something (whilst in the workplace) as “that em-effing copier” or some such. Mofo and I are good friends.

  5. michael lee

    It’s not us, it’s the actual gravatar site that’s bogged down.

    I’m looking for a solution that will cache the images locally so that we don’t have to hassle with this supiditousness.

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