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So, guess who is coming to talk to my Production Techniques class about how to write and record a song? Charlie Peacock.

You know, the guy who produced albums for Switchfoot, Isaac Slade (The Fray), Nichole Nordeman, Leigh Nash, Amy Grant, David Crowder Band, Audio Adrenaline, Sara Groves, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Al Green, CeCe Winans, Brent Bourgeois, Twila Paris, Sarah Masen, Susan Ashton, Avalon, Philip Bailey, Margaret Becker, Michael Card, Bob Carlisle, Eric Champion, Steven Curtis Chapman, The Choir, Michael English, Béla Fleck, Steve Green, Cheri Keaggy, Phil Keaggy, Scott Krippayne, Kevin Max, Cindy Morgan, Out of the Grey, Ginny Owens, Chris Rice, the 77s, Sixpence None The Richer, Michael Tait, Steve Taylor, and about 2 dozen more.

I think we might need to erect police barricades to keep kids from stuffing his pocket full of demos.

9 thoughts on “Special Guest

  1. Cerise

    Wow – that’s SO bloody cool. Charlie Peacock. In my pre-adult, Christian-music-only upbringing, his was music that actually, you know, stimulated the musician in me. A rare thing. I like to think that if it weren’t for him, I WOULD be the next Sandi/Amy/Evie like my Daddy always wanted.

    Can you give him my myspace address?

  2. Chad

    Charlie is a pretty cool cat. His stuff is the only CCM I can stomach these days, and in fact I recently did a sentimental scan through the Out of the Grey catalogue, much of which still resides in my iTunes library. Other then those very large early 90′s gated snares, everything sounds remarkably hip.

    I’m still trying to figure out how it is that Charlie and our own little Shelley almost came to blows over her first record. Mrs. Demure Aussie apparently has teeth that none of us have seen.

  3. Bobby

    Hey now, there’s a fine history of APU students dropping demos into CCMelebrites hands at seminars/alumni events. Not that I would stoop to such a level… (wink*)

    He seems like the kind of guy who could tell you your stuff sucks and you would respect him more instead of getting pissed off.

  4. Sharolyn

    “So, guess who is coming to talk to my Production Techniques class about how to write and record a song? Charlie Peacock.”

    Wow. How did this come about?

    And is he going to hear your intro for the Production Techniques podcast?

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