11 thoughts on “PhPh: Cat Found

  1. aly hawkins

    Heeeeeere kitty, kitty. Why are you pretending to be asleep?

    I hope this is a joke. Mainly because I’m terrified of opossums – even the sorta cute baby one that runs along our fence every night. (Does anyone else wonder how I went from living pretty far into the Kenyan bush without much concern to living barely on the edge of California Nature, full of anxiety? Yeah, me neither.)

  2. Gretchen

    You keep your cute (real) kitties inside away from the baby opossum right Aly? Yeah, every summer sleeping on the deck at our cabin we came way too close to nature and how unfriendly ‘possums and raccoons are.

  3. Chad

    Meh -


    Can’t live with them… that’s it. Just can’t live with them. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Dave Barry. This came from his Guide to Guys, which begins with a quiz called, “Are you a Guy?”

    One of the questions read:

    Is your favorite pet:
    A. A dog.
    B. A cat.
    C. A dog who eats cats.

    C stands for Chad.

  4. Carrie

    You know, having a cat requires a lot of responsibility. You have to feed it, and groom it…oh, and there’s the rabies vaccination.

    Not for the cat. For YOU, ya freakin’ idiot, if you can’t the difference between a kitten and a bloomin’ oversized rat. If this is real, I’m a little surprised, because there aren’t a lot of grammatical errors on the sign that would signify a lackage of brain cells.

  5. Jason

    I called and got voice mail. Feeling a little bit like I was on 24, I also found out that it is a cell phone in LA. I used a “reverse phone look-up.” I am having Cloe triangulate their position right now.

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