9 thoughts on “Phreaky Phriday – Movie Font

  1. June

    I overused Trajan as a graphic designer in the early-mid 90′s…it was the surest way to hear my clients say “Oh, now THAT looks classy!” I tried to stop using it, but I couldn’t. So, I quit my design job and became a mom. Yep, I have two kids all because of the Trajan font.

  2. corey

    About a year ago I realized that I have ongoing relationships with a font for a period of a few months. Then when the font choice is left up to me (and when no specific personality of font is called for), I use my favorite font on all of my client projects for that season. It’s like a twisted form of typeface nepotism. Unfortunately, due to overexposure, I fall out of love and move on to the next font.

    I don’t think I’ve used Trajan in the last 10 years, though. Maybe when I start doing campaigns for film, I’ll need to blow the dust off of it.

  3. Scott

    Ha! I’m having an I-love-this-font-but-it’s-so-overused crisis with the Papyrus font. Can someone else PLEASE design another folksy/earthy font for people to exploit for a while?

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