Phreaky Phriday: Lost in the of Translatings

Step 1: Write a short script
Step 2: Translate that script from English to French, using Babelfish
Step 3: Then into German
Step 4: Then back into French
Step 5: Then back into English
Step 6: Then film it.

Result? Click to see:
lost in translation

3 thoughts on “Phreaky Phriday: Lost in the of Translatings

  1. corey

    “I want to neglect the remainder of my life with you.” It really warms the heart, no? Wasn’t that a line from Leaving Las Vegas?

  2. TomTom

    I tried it using my own words regarding the film:

    “It is attractive, as the represented dialogue becomes so strange.”

    My comment is now much more interesting, which is sad.

  3. michael lee Post author

    “This one must be a single challenge, to learn the manuscript by the heart and to be used the suitable curve.”

    (It must have been a unique challenge, to memorize the script and use proper inflection.)

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