40 days

Kyrie Yeshua

Grant us these 40 days
of emptying out
of exhale
of white knuckles unclenching

Grant us this 40 day reprieve
from indulgence
from frantic urgency
from self-obsession
from sensuality

from every mundane thing that
binds us too closely to this earth and
obscures our view of your kingdom com(ing) and
shouts down the songs of heaven whispered in our hearts

Grant us these days
in the shadow of death
to prepare for the coming feast

When we will be dead to sin,
And made fully alive in you.


4 thoughts on “40 days

  1. michael lee Post author

    Thanks to Doug for prompting the focus of this prayer. Tonight is our Ash Wednesday service, and the marking of the ashes will be done to that phrase, “Dead to sin, Alive in Christ.”

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