13 thoughts on “PhPh: Slinky Dance Guy Just Served You!

  1. Cerise

    I spent most of my first viewing trying to figure out where the human could possibly BE in that costume. That’s way cool. Weird ending.

  2. Portcullischain

    That was disturbing to say the least.


    Michael…..your bio on this website is incorrect. I know for a fact that you didn’t graduate from Cam High. Are you ashamed of your spanish heritage? Own up to the truth or I will post your senior photo for everyone’s amusement.

  3. Cerise

    You’re right, Zack. PC creeped me out a little, too.

    Mike, have you received satisfaction from this person? Is it OK for me to ask that?

  4. michael lee Post author

    PC is a stalker from my past, but as near as I can tell, a harmless one. We’ve been emailing back and forth, and I don’t know who he is quite yet, but:

    1. He has a kid in Boy Scouts
    2. He’s part of an Apache Webserver Users Group in Ventura County
    3. He knows Trevor Carpenter
    4. He has a deep and abiding hatred for Microsoft IIS

    All of this adds up to “not a threat.”

  5. Cerise

    Yeah, totally. I was just taking the piss out of you. Eagle Scout – that’s like being a teenager in the Boy Scouts, right? You couldn’t be a Boy anymore, and I don’t think they have Man Scouts. You had to get hella badges to qualify, am I right?

    My Ramon was a Royal Ranger in the AOG Church. He achieved National Royal Ranger of the year his Junior year in High School. You should see the man start a fire.

  6. Sharolyn

    I’ve known a few eagle scouts. They have:

    -grabbed my head and put it under the water faucet when I accidentally switched the bottles of saline and hydrogen peroxide (a doctor gave them to me in similar bottles, so I claim he was the idiot)

    -helped us to safety when my sister-in-law passed out at the wheel on the freeway (I was the only passenger)

    -became a fireman

    -rescued two beautiful damsels in distress at a “second location” in Pennsylvania

    -hit his brother on the head with a mallet

    Two of those were Mike.

    What if Slinky Dance Guy is performing for needy people and is only trying to get a merit badge?

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