Planned Downtime

Addison Road will be down this weekend. I’m switching over to a new server, with significantly faster load times, and less crappy downtime.

Please get all of your snarky comments posted here by tonight at 10pm, or risk getting that shakes until the site comes back online.

24 thoughts on “Planned Downtime

  1. Zack

    It’s 11:03, and I’m still posting. Why don’t you get off yer ass, Mike, and start making some techno-magic happen on this here tubesite.

    How’s that for snarky?

  2. Stick



    What are you moving to? You loved moving me to my new server so much that you had to switch? Did I get the referral credit?

  3. Chad

    Dude… that’s uncanny.

    I used that phrase in a conversation today. Haven’t used it in years. Had actually forgotten completely about The A-Team… for years. And yet, we both use it on this day, January the 29th, in the year of our Lord 2008.


  4. corey

    Is there some particular reason (besides the fact that I harbor unconfessed sin )that the new site would crash safari for me? It’s happened a few times now.

    Sarcastic answer #1: Because you’re using Safari.


  5. michael lee Post author

    None that I can think of – can you give me a little more detail? does it load at all, does it refuse to load anything and then just freeze, etc.?

  6. corey

    i saw it the first day. I guess the imperfection just made me feel at home tho. But, as my mother used to say, homes are made to be broken.”


  7. corey

    It’s what we call “farm wisdom” around my house. My favorite is how my dad tried to convince me that the older I got, the shorter the years became. Because, for example, this next year, I’m only adding 1/35th of my life to get a year older. And then the next year, I’ll be adding 1/36th of my life (which is even smaller than the year before). As an English Major, I guess I get where the logic rests. But when I told Beth, who is much more concrete and numbers-comfy, she thought my family were all inbred-like and such. Yee haw.

  8. michael lee Post author

    It isn’t really a problem until you reach the age 365, because then on the day of your birthday, you’re adding 1/365 of your life, but you’re also adding 1/365 of that year to your life, and that starts a whole cycle of infinite regress which can only be resolved by prayer and fasting.

    At least, that’s what my pappy always said.

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