Tom Cruise, Scientologist

If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to go watch these clips. They are from a recent Scientology awards ceremony at which Tom Cruise was the honoree. They are … wow. Just watch, and then comment.

Link 1

Link 2

This is going to be an interesting case if it evolves. Scientologists have always used legal pressure to keep embarrassing materials out of the public eye. These videos were uploaded to youtube and google video first, and then removed after threat of lawsuit. Gawker Media, who owns both and, where the clips are now being hosted, has stated their intent to leave the clips up, claiming that they are newsworthy, and therefore their right to distribute them is protected speech.

7 thoughts on “Tom Cruise, Scientologist

  1. Daniel Semsen

    I saw this video a day or two ago and it scared the bugeesus out of me. FREAKY.
    I can never watch Minority Report or Mission Impossible 3 again…AAAAHHHH…A Few Good Men…man…I loved that movie.

    Blast. He’s ruined them all…

  2. June

    I guess because I’m a full-time mom (yes, I realize there are no part-time mothers) and a lot taller than Tom, something about this made me want to pat him on his head and say “Ok dear, go back to your room and put your thinking cap on a little tighter!” Outside of my urge to condescend, yes, it’s total creepsville. Poor, poor Suri.

    For something entirely different and fun, check out Michael’s link to the “Play That, Teo” trailer. (But make sure the kidlets aren’t about…Teo has a mouth on him.)

  3. Cerise

    Wow. Every time he got to laughing I felt a part of my soul die.

    …and the first guy, I have to say it: “HOUSEWIVES??” Screw you, man.

  4. Gretchen

    so it’s kind of like X-files meets Mormonism? I had to look up the Scientology glossary (no really.) to get some of the jargon. um….

  5. Melody

    Their logo looks like a mixed up pentagram. And the background music sounds like it was written by a 1st year music major who only plays guitar. His rugged good looks can only go so far, though.

  6. June

    Cerise, I noted that as well. I just luuuuuuuuv being called a “housewife.” As much as I sometimes feel like I am, in fact, married to my house, I am, in fact, not. Mostly I just like the overall tone: EVEN housewives have a purpose! Other than that, there was really nothing at all wrong with what he said, eh?!

    Gretchen, X-files meets Mormonism meets wow-Tom-isn’t-just-overly-animated-and-unnaturally-intense-when-he’s-acting-but-ALLLLLLL-the-time!

    I wonder what Teo would say.

  7. Brandon

    Those videos are ridiculous.
    If you haven’t seen this either, you should probably check it out.

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