macheist ’08

Macheist is up!


If you’re a mac user, and you don’t know, then you SHOULD know! Macheist is a bundle of software from independent mac software developers (what does that mean, exactly? they haven’t signed with a major label? they do lo-fi development? their apps haven’t yet received radio airplay?). The more people who buy the bundle, the more apps get unlocked. This is some high-quality gear, and for $49 it’s tough to pass up.

Do me a favor, if you decide to do do it, use my referral link:

Who’s in? What’s your favorite in the bunch? Which one looks most interesting?

2 thoughts on “macheist ’08

  1. Cerise

    Hey – does anybody know whether Cha-Ching is any better personal accounting software for Mac than MoneyDance? We’re using MD right now and it’s…OK.

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