23 thoughts on “Phreaky Phriday: Nut Shot!

  1. Andy

    Don’t let me put a damper on your funny little moment here, but I’ve got a big problem with what this video says about our culture. There’s a movie written and directed by Mike Judge (the guy behind “Office Space”) called “Idiocracy,” and while it’s really not that great of a movie, it’s pretty funny at times, and worth a watch just for its social commentary. In it, an average guy (played by Luke Wilson) is cryogenically frozen for 500 years, and then wakes up to a culture that has been so dumbed down by advertising, the media, and pop culture that he’s the smartest man on earth by default. In the movie, there’s a scene where one of the characters who lives in this world in the future is watching television, and the show on TV is called “OW! My Balls!!!” and it’s basically a string of clips of men being hit in the crotch, which the character finds completely hysterical. This is the same world where a professional wrestler is voted President, the US loses its agricultural dominance because crops are watered with Gatorade, and Carl’s Jr. has changed their slogan to “F@*! You, I’m Eating.” Like I said, not to be a Debbie Downer, but if this video clip is entertainment, then sadly, we’re on our way there faster than even this movie, which is supposed to be a satire, portrays it.

  2. Cerise

    Dude, you kinda did put a damper on some classic balls humor. I’m not going to get into a treatise on why I don’t think we’re all getting stupider, but hey, since my response to your alarm was “Whatever, dude.”, maybe we are.

    I just think it’s illogical to say that a society that, yes, indulges in the ridiculous and simplistic and ironic is a stupider group of people for it. I think the soundbyte-y culture is probably killing some of our concentration, yes, but we still do our taxes and figure out our healthcare and balance our checkbooks. And read books. And watch indies. The only people I would worry about are those that watch slapstick comedy and only that. All the time. Do you know anyone like that? I don’t. I hope that most people can strike a balance between shutting their brains down and laughing for a bit (if I were a little better read I’d come up with a list of deeply historical silly tales that people in the mid 16th century indulged in but I’m not. Sorry) and then getting back into the slog of daily lives that require at least some abstract thought. Just because the apostrophe is dyin’ don’t mean our brains be atrophyin’.

  3. Cerise

    An apology. I’m taking myself a little too seriously. I woke up and realized that I was soberly and passionately discussing the probability of a dystopian and anti-intellectual future society based on the content of our entertainment with the guy who made Office Space and Beavis and Butthead do America. Forget I said anything. [smile]

  4. harmonic miner

    If this was women, suffering some parallel assault (not that there IS one),

    1) everyone would be asking why it was funny,

    2) what the situation was that made the women feel like they needed to be involved in this (that is, their decision to be involved would be questioned by feminists who would assert that somehow, someway, the poor ladies didn’t have “real” choices or something),

    3) the “exploitation” of the women’s bodies for laughs, even if they DID have choices, would be decried far and wide,

    4) feminists would be saying that it encouraged violence against women, was generally degrading, and “if even one woman” was attacked or abused because of the show, it was one too many,

    5) boycotts would be organized,

    6) academic types would do research on audience response, and break it down by demographic groups,

    7) if another show doing the same thing (or something similar) was broadcast, the clearly negative influence of the original would be assumed to be confirmed,

    8) women who said it didn’t bother them, and it was really FUNNY, would be assumed by the feminists to be denying their true reactions, or to be so confused by negative experiences with men that they don’t know their own minds, etc.,

    9) former contestants would go on Oprah and Dr. Phil (no relation),

    blah, blah, blah, you can think of about 20 more items to add to the list.

    If there was a show where women with PMS were getting bashed in the upper structure, possibly with a little carefully targeted pinch, just for fun, try to imagine the reaction. And there’s not a chance that this is a third as painful as the video here.

    Ladies, you have no right to find this funny. If you think it’s funny, you should get therapy for your issues with men. And pray for forgiveness.

    You know I’m right.


    I think this would be an excellent method for increasing the motivation of music majors to learn how to sight sing. Show the melody… if they can’t sing it, nail ‘em.


    Ok, mostly just kidding here… but not really. The gender reversal is really quite unimaginable here.

    Check this out:


  5. Cerise

    Phil, I wrote an earnest response to your message, but then two things occurred to me:

    1. I think you’re baiting. Big time.

    2. I followed the link and the author of that book (who I’m assuming you believe) completely disagrees with every point I was making. Nice head-off on your part, which means I’m not going to bother.

    3. For the record, I don’t think you’re wrong (I think Warren’s dead wrong, of course). I DO think there are legitimate reasons why balling women for fun isn’t funny, though.

  6. Cerise

    Oops, I just remembered that we’re supposed to assume the best of each other, which means my bullet point number one was totally unfair. Sorry, Phil. Really.

    I’ll say this: do remember when you’re jovially talking about what feminists would do (see your points # 2, 4 and 8) that I am a feminist and that you and I are friends. I hope that feminists like me wouldn’t be quite so silly as you describe (or we would be organizing boycotts against AFV, which routinely shows clips of Aunt Tulip getting drunk at the wedding and falling off a table with her skirt up around her ears – hey, maybe there IS a boycott!). Maybe you could call the feminists you’re talking about Scary Feminists With Their Priorities Way Out Of Whack, or SFWTPWOOW for short. [smile]

  7. aly hawkins

    I guess I don’t disagree too vehemently with your points, Phil, except I think you left one out:

    10) If this was women, suffering some parallel assault (not that there IS one), men and women alike would not cringe and empathy clench while chuckling and shaking their heads at how weird Korean television is. Instead, we’d call it “porn” and you’d have to pay to see it. There would be a lot of furtive jacking off but not a lot of empathy clenching, because those getting whacked would not generally be seen as people, but as objects.

    I’m interested in reading Dr. Farrell’s book. I think I probably agree with him for the most part.

  8. michael lee Post author

    I believe you’re all missing the bigger picture.

    If the writer’s strike doesn’t end soon, this show is getting picked up by CBS for their spring lineup.

  9. Cerise

    Oh, dear god. Once more Michael ushers us all gently into his clear realm of Perspective. Dude, you are SO right, and I shudder.

    Okey dokey. I’ve got four books of Warren Farrell’s in my queue and I’m gonna read them. He sounds at least like a bridge-builder, and so I will listen.

  10. Bobby

    [quote comment="140759"] This is the same world where a professional wrestler is voted President…[/quote]

    This is somehow different than a professional wrestler or bodybuilder/actor being elected state governor? Face it, we live in that world.

    Cup Check!

  11. Zack

    “Ow, My Balls!” is not only a fantastic idea for a television show, but the electrolyte-infused drink, “Brawndo” featured in “Idiocracy”, is currently being produced, and will be released this year. No joke. We’re all totally f*cked as far as I’m concerned, so why not take the time to enjoy a little nut humor?

    Note: The author of this post has “Cops” as his #1 Tivo series. #2 is

  12. Sharolyn

    …is what?

    I have nothing to add, just that this could be the most fascinating conversation of the blog.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to have a game called “who said it”, where a random sentence is posted and you have to guess the blogger?

    Back to gender and politics and balls…

  13. harmonic miner

    Hey Cerise, not baiting, actually mostly serious, while still unable to avoid laughing at the video, because I am as hopelessly messed up by our culture as anyone else. Don’t take my list of probable feminist reactions as meaning I would disagree with them… I am asking why we don’t have the same response to men being tortured for fun and profit, that’s all.

    Um, Aly, you’re correct on the porn angle, of course. I hadn’t really considered that, I confess. Howsomever, the unfortunate women who take money to allow themselves to be abused are widely perceived as victims, with no trace of humor felt by psychologically normal people at their decisions to be so abused.

    You don’t have to pay to see the nut-crunching… it’s free, and open to all, and rated G, it seems. To put it most simply, that’s because the suffering of men matters MUCH less to anyone (including men) than the suffering of women.

    For the radical feminists who think the differences between men and women are mostly socialized and not organic (outside the obvious), go chew on that for awhile.

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