33 thoughts on “In 2008, I Will …

  1. Zack

    See the dentist, lose a few pounds, quit smoking, employ a more productive work ethic, and/or develop a cocaine addiction.

  2. TomTom

    Do my best, with the help of God, to be a better husband and father. And lose 20 pounds, or buy bigger pants.

  3. Cerise

    Play with the cats more. Compose and record JUST ONE BLOODY SONG. Love Ramon better. Lose weight. Read more intellectually stimulating books. Get my other blog moving.

  4. Leonard

    Disciple my son and daughter.
    Partner with my wife better.
    Eat healthier food.
    Grow in my skills as a pastor.
    Listen to God more
    try to love my neighbor as much as I love me ( I love me a lot)

  5. JC

    Understand the music business better.
    Figure out who really is the best Presidential candidate.
    Get closer to God.
    Be more productive with all of my free time.
    Be a better husband and dad…and brother.

  6. Leonard

    I became a ninja last year, it comes with a special decoder ring for special ninja messages. Good times. Next year I am going to become a shogun.

  7. harmonicminer

    Not say everything I think in faculty meetings.

    Not insult viola players. (just kidding)

    Eat more spinach.

    Rent more Steven Seagal movies. (well, maybe not… besides, Chuck Norris could take him any day)

  8. corey

    I orreddy speak with great ACKsent, much like great WARrior…
    but, yes. *sigh* Fashion is true reason become ninja…

  9. Faith Kathleen

    1) Write ’07 instead of ’08 on the first 35 pieces of homework I turn in this semester
    2) Find an internship
    3) Kick the caffeine addiction (this is a flexible goal)
    4) Finally perfect my Scottish accent
    5) Prevent Pi from stealing.

  10. Pi

    I have seldom come across a deal in a store that I am happy for buying later. You can buy everything online and usually cheaper than in a store with just a little searching. Buying from out of state sometimes means no sales tax, and with larger orders shipping is often free. I am impatient when it comes to food, but not when it comes to saving money.
    Faith Kathleen:
    What has pi ever stolen from anyone?

  11. Sharolyn

    [quote comment="140574"]June,

    We are expecting twin boys in April :)[/quote]

    Are they your first children? Good luck!


    2007 was crappy in a few important ways for me. I’ve spent the first days of this year painting my family room walls red (from a light blue) and somehow it makes me feel terribly empowered. I haven’t spent as much time as June thinking about color, but it has been quite therapeutic.

  12. corey

    jokes aside…
    1. work on being content (fighting materialism)
    2. work on being patient (fighting a short fuse with my chirren)
    3. work on being an honorable man (my boys are old enough to recognize character now)
    4. work on what comes out of my mouth (my blog comments are getting less and less readable)

    happy 2008

  13. Cerise

    Well, that’s what’s nice about blogging, Corey. Nothing actually comes out of your mouth. ‘Cept when Chad and Mike get going and I spray the screen. You’ve made me do that a coupla times, too, come to think of it.

    Seriously – admirable work, all of it.

  14. Seth & Vanessa


    Yes they are our 1st (and 2nd). Everyone with kids tells us that they can’t imagine, I figure this is one instance where ignorance is great! Thanks!

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  16. Sharolyn

    So long as this is linked – Seth and Vanessa will meet their twins tomorrow! Tell us how is goes, Whoever Knows Them!

  17. Sharolyn

    Lord, have mercy upon this woman! Thanks for sharing! What a whirlwind of an experience.

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