10 thoughts on “esoteric toddler

  1. Metanoya

    Time is what God created to give us a space to live and love and play with him and His loved ones, one moment of our life at a time. A space where we can kiss and laugh and cry and hug and sing and live and decide to love.

  2. June Post author

    Corey, I think you’re right. Cerise, yes. Metanoya, you could write cards! Leoskeo, good idea!

    Ok, so here’s the next one for you: earlier that day, as we were riding in the car, listening to Christmas carols, Natey said to me “Mom, what’s the curse?” (As in “Joy to the world…….far as the curse is found, far as the….”)

    So, bright answer people, what say you to that? (Wanna know what I told him?)

  3. michael lee

    The world is broken, in ways that cause pain and sadness. That’s the curse, and it effects the whole world, everything and everyone. Our job, as people who love God, is to work at fixing the things that are broken … just like Frodo and Aragorn.

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