Addison Road has long been absent of straight ahead punditry, and believe me when I tell you that I have little interest in changing that fact. However, I am on a political quest this year, so from time to time I may start conversations about candidates. Let’s not forget that Addison Road is a virtual summer BBQ, so if politics come up, just make sure that you can have a beer around the fire pit when it’s over.

I am a truly undecided voter. There is a strong possibility that I will vote for a Democrat next year for the first time in my adult life. I won’t be Hillary, but only for the reason that she seems like Nixon, willing to do or say anything to get elected. I really like Bill Richardson, and I am intrigued by Obama. Ron Paul’s grassroots movement is appealing, but I’m not convinced about the man himself. I respect Rudy, and believe that he did an amazing turnaround on NYC, but I do not believe Islamic Terrorism in and of itself is the single greatest threat facing our nation. I cannot stand Mitt Romney, because of his stupid face, and because the fact that he’s a bionic used car salesman. John McCain is pretty cool, but his teeth are unelectable. Fred Thompson (Air Traffic Control Dude from Die Hard 2 for President!) looks like a really tall, bored muppet.

Last week, during the CNN /YouTube debacle, –err– debate last week, there was Huckabee, who came off as poised, funny, competent, and endearing. Compare the three responses to this question. Guliani sounds like a Mafia henchman going to his annual confession. Romney sounds like he is still trying to sell you that ’78 Pinto, and then there’s Huckabee. He takes a totally loaded, hot potato question, and in my opinion hits the nail square on the head.

I don’t know much else about this man, so I started poking around the tubes and I found this. I don’t care about the man’s politics anymore. Any distance-running, bass-playing presidential candidate gets my vote.

Funkabee in ’08

I want the Huckabee camp to know that, upon his election, we the people expect August 10th, Leo Fender’s birthday, to be declared a national holiday.

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  1. Gretchen

    nice. I’ll get in before it gets too heated. I respect Huckabee’s answer to the debate question on the Bible. I appreciate straight forward, honest answers that don’t try to be PC. He’ll loose votes because of it, but he’s got me interested.

  2. rich

    i liked his answers for the most part too. and he seems the most sincere of all the candidates. i just wish he were pro-life.

  3. harmonicminer

    You live in California. That means “your vote” will go to a Democratic candidate, pretty much regardless of how you vote… or don’t.

    Unless, far outside, Rudy gets the nomination, and is able to be competitive in California due to his “social liberal” credentials.

    But probably not.

    Of course, maybe you can organize a groundswell for the candidate of your choice, and it will all start here at AddisonRd! I have a large magic marker and poster board….

    Have you read “America Alone” yet?

    Try to read it before the election, if you can. I guarantee an eye opening experience. That way, you’ll know just how bad the election turned out….


  4. Alex Merced

    I like Bill Richardson a lot and hope he runs again in 2012, but we need a fiscal conservative with the plunge of the dollar and all the deficit spending. We also need to rethink our foreign policy, the only candidate offering all this is Ron Paul.

    Youtube the Candidates@Google video with Ron Paul, it’s probably the best video to understand the guy. If you still can’t get behind him after that, Richardson is definetley the strongest choice for the Dems.

  5. aly hawkins

    I like how “Celebrate, Jesus, Celebrate!” popped into my head the minute I saw the pic of Huckabee playing bass. He is SO playing praise and worship in a blended service.

  6. JC

    Chad (oh, by the way, I’ll call you this week!)…you’ll be interested to know that since our last conversation where I was leaning toward McCain (almost had a chance to meet him here in Denver a week or so back), that I watched a 20 minute interview with George Stephanopoulos(sp?)and was totally impressed with this guy. He seems to have many characteristics the other candidates don’t have, including an authenticity I find really refreshing. I need to dig deeper into the issues, but he is looking good and appears to be elect-able. Oh by the way…just listened to his answer…awesome!

  7. Melody

    I’m going to go vote in New Jersey. They say you don’t need to be a resident of that state to vote there so I really think there needs to be a mass of busses heading there from CA. I just wonder if I can still vote here too?

  8. harmonicminer

    Hey Melody,

    The lesson of the last election cycle is that you can vote in several states, if you want. Just go to the DMV and register (that’s why they called it “motor voter”). Many states will let you get a State ID (not a drivers license) without giving up your old one. Some won’t even ask for ID of any kind to issue the new thing.

    It works best if you have someone in the state whose address you can use, but it isn’t critical… just give ‘em a residence address (they’ll never check, just be sure zip matches street), and a PO box at some post office or other (usually cheap) as the mailing address. Now go to the post office and put in a more or less permanent forwarding address.

    Just vote absentee.

    The best states to do this in are the “swing states”, where a small margin can make the difference.

    There is no national registry of names to check on duplicate voters….

    Wish I was kidding.

    Guess which party has fewer people who believe this would be a sin.

    Mike, are you too young to run? I think you have to be 35…. Let’s organize a write-in campaign. Even if you’re too young now, it’ll get you some visibility, and then you can try again next time around.

    Mike for President! If you win, can I be Secretary of Education? (First, we disband LAUSD….)

  9. harmonicminer

    Anyway, I changed my mind.

    In Mike’s new administration, I want to be Secretary of Music.

    I plan to institute a redistributionist scheme to take airplay from hiphop artists and give it to middle of the road bands still struggling for identity. Also, we’re going to take chords from more interesting songs and put them in less interesting songs, so they’ll be better. No group should have any more talent than any other group, that’s the American way.”

    If I can’t have that, I might settle for High Commissioner for the preservation of diet soda.”


  10. corey

    just realized that leo fender and i share a birthday… or maybe i already knew that… i dunno. anyway, i loved the third answer to the Bible question. thanks for posting it.

  11. Cerise

    Before anyone boo-hoos too much about California going one way every time, remember that poor old Austin gets ignored every election, too, because Texas has an even more conservative record than California has a liberal one, if I’m not mistaken. I mean, didn’t Cali go red when Reagan was elected? And then George Sr.?

    I realize California’s more crucial than Texas, but…

  12. Cerise

    BTW, this whole electoral college thing is seriously killing me (said the resident of another almost-always-blue-state, but I’m still complaining). How do we convince our young people (Aly, Mike, Ash, et. al. – we no longer count. I’m very sorry.) to vote? Oh yeah, by telling them that their votes don’t count as much as they ought. It’s lovely.

  13. harmonicminer

    [quote comment="140024"]If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve.[/quote]

    Gee, that sounds original. Can I quote it?

  14. harmonicminer

    A bit more seriously:

    I have attended a Southern Baptist Church for some years now. Given some of the issues on which I agree with him, and his “sorta conservative” positions on some matters, I might have been expected by some to like the idea of Huckabee as president.

    I don’t. I am persuaded by the distinction between “moral” (which requires judgment and weighing of arguments, perspectives, and probable outcomes of particular policies) and “moralistic” (entirely too easy… just conflate what you believe to be the correct choices for you, personally, with those you are required to make as a determiner of public policy).

    To put it simply: I may have a moral commitment to non-violence, but God help the world if I’m put in charge of the police department. I may believe you should be generous, but I have no business using the power of the law to force you to be.

    I may have a moral commitment to telling the truth, but I’d better be willing to lie to my enemies and my friends when protecting people is at stake. Doubt that? Would you have been willing to lie about the escaped slave hiding in your basement, when the Dred Scott decision federal enforcers showed up at your house? Even if one of the folks at your door was your neighbor, whom you normally trust and deal with? Thought so, and good for you. You might make a fine president.

    But the century is too young, and the future too uncertain, for another Carteresque “I’ll never tell a lie and I’m gonna make sure everyone plays nice together” kind of president.

    I think I would probably like Huckabee if I knew him personally, would find him an interesting person, and he is likely one who would be successful in a ministerial capacity, as manager of a service oriented NGO, maybe a college president, etc.

    But I don’t want him to be President of the United States.

    Back to the “real politickin’”…. he does not have a prayer of beating either Hillary or Obama nationally, I think. He can’t rid himself of the “evangelical southern governor” odor that will remind the “middle of the roaders who can’t make up their minds about what they believe” of Bush, who is now unpopular with them. Of course no one on “the left” will vote for him, but he also has very little chance of attracting a significant part of “the middle” voters. And he will cause a certain portion of “the right” to simply stay home… not an extremely large part, perhaps, but his position on immigration alone is enough to cause some degree of aloofness there.

    Which means a vote for Huckabee is a vote for Hillary or Obama. If that’s what you want, it might be a good idea for you to change your registration long enough to vote in the Republican primary for Huckabee.

    I’m thinking of changing my registration just long enough to vote for Bill Richardson in the primaries. According to the Sci-Fi channel, he thinks aliens may have landed in Roswell in 1947. Illegal aliens in New Mexico… imagine that.

    My kinda guy.

    Tinfoil is always the stylish choice. It’s the new black.

  15. michael lee

    [quote comment="140040"]Well, it seems Chuck Norris has endorsed Mike, according to this morning’s Yahoo headlines, and they contend that this is bigger than Oprah’s endorsement of Obama. Who knew?[/quote]

    I think they’re right.

  16. harmonicminer

    Bruce Lee beat up Chuck Norris, and my son studies JKD and Filipino stick work with one of Bruce Lee’s 20 students (all he ever had), his “back yard” group.

    Which means I can beat up… well, maybe Melody, if she tied one hand behind her back, and she was tired, and I just came out of a faculty meeting full of adrenalin.

    No, let’s not return to the professor fight club thread.

    I’ll bet Steven Segal will endorse the Democrat candidate.

    I wanna see Segal and Norris have it out.

    My money’s on Norris.

  17. harmonicminer

    [quote comment="140047"]Chuck Norris gargles the blood of slain unicorns.[/quote]

    I thought he drank it.

  18. harmonicminer

    Now, not to be accused of hijacking the thread…

    Is there a rhyme for Huckabee?

    I mean, it’s a bit of an, uh, unusual name.

  19. harmonicminer

    I don’t know if someone else has already thought of this, but maybe the candidate should henceforth be called Chuckabee.

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