11 thoughts on “Evelyn Glennie

  1. Sharolyn

    Has she met The Toast?

    Just watched the first half. I’m so glad she “interpreted” and didn’t stop at “translated”, because oh my, then she would have sounded only much, much above average.

  2. June

    Isn’t it weird when you hear of someone/something for the first time…and then again shortly thereafter?! B and I watched Evelyn on the TED thing the other night and then just this morning I heard on the radio that she will be in concert at the Mondavi Center (a very cool hall) here this weekend! So weird.

    My flute teacher in college used to tell me to “play more blue” and that I was one of her most “truly musical” students. I think this was her way of telling me that I didn’t keep very good time, but at least I played with, ya know, feeling. Nothing like substituting vibe for skill. Hmm.

  3. michael lee Post author

    I think it’s always a good idea to spend time in the company of someone who is at the pinnacle of what they do; I think it almost doesn’t matter what the thing is that they excel at. There is some aspect of the human nature that gets prodded, grows, and blossoms under the ongoing discipline of learning to excel at something.

  4. aly hawkins

    I saw Glennie 10 or 11 years ago, performing a vibraphone and marimba concerto with the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra. She had on this killer sapphire evening gown and ran around in bare feet to hear better. In the midst of kicking major ass, she also managed to make sure every stodgy classical music fan in the building had the time of their lives. She digs on audience participation.

  5. Cerise

    Mike, that’s a really cool thought. Here’s what I wonder – given that (at least for me) the climb towards excellence seems insurmountably hard (yea, hard enough that I spend 95% of my time not even trying) – does being in the mighty company of someone who has taken a part of themselves and made something excellent out of it on a regular basis make it easier to ask the same of yourself?

  6. Cerise

    No, it was an open question, though I think only Mike’s qualified to speak to excellence (SO just kidding, though he is qualified, IMO. But you are, too.).

    P.S. What kind of answer is THAT? Come on, June, I’m seriously trying to lift myself out of the MIRE, here!

    Also just kidding.

  7. michael lee

    I have a different response to success than I do to artistry. Being in the company of successful people often leaves me feeling insecure, frustrated, and hopeless. Being in the company of artistry, those who excel at something, leaves me feeling inspired and invigorated.

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