I’m thankful for…

  • Ash
  • family
  • friends
  • pets
  • cheese
  • coffee
  • the ability to ambulate
  • word processing software
  • music (most of it)
  • the Church (most of it)
  • wine
  • imagination
  • money
  • the Settlers of Catan cut-throat marathon on the books for tonight

Happy Thanksgiving, loves. What are you thankful for?

4 thoughts on “I’m thankful for…

  1. michael lee

    Arriving unexpectedly at places in life for which you’ve been unknowingly prepared.


    Sophia and Josiah

    Gretchen with Sophia and Josiah

    Finding financial balance


    mmmm … coffee

    choral music (falling back in love with it, writing new stuff)

    In-laws that I respect and enjoy.

    Software. Really. It’s just a miracle of innovation, that we build machines capable of executing complicated tasks based on sets of language instructions.

    Role models

    Spirited debate

    …. more later, I’m sure.

  2. David

    God’s grace
    Every chance I get to share my story
    My children
    Scott, George, and Doug
    The freedom to praise my God
    Did I mention grace?

  3. June

    Brian, Zane and Nate

    My well-functioning body (specifically, my brain and arteries)



    cheescake, pumpkin pie and dark chocolate

    the perspective that the passage of time brings/allows


    the smell of evergreens

    indoor plumbing

    where I live

    cheeses, one and all

    light (I know that sounds…something…but really, I am!)

    friends who get it

    how my childhood prepared me for life now

  4. Chad

    I’m grateful for clarity, and those still willing to deal with you while you’re in the fog.

    You don’t appreciate it until it’s gone.

    Like when they paved paradise… or something.

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