11 thoughts on “McFerrin in the Morning

  1. Stick

    Bobby and my piano/vocal jazz prof are friends. When I was in college, Bobby came and sang at our big show on campus… on stage during the show he had us all in sections doing all sorts of crazy sounds and parts while he was improvising over the top. It was insane. And in the green room, he was very cool and fun to hang with.

    That guy’s talent and skill are off the chart.

  2. Linda

    We were fortunate to see Bobby McFerrin many years back as an unknown/new artist at the Monterey Jazz Festival. And again a couple years ago at MJF with his son.
    An amazing artist. A joy to see in a live performance.
    Thank you for the music.

  3. Chad

    Bobby McFerrin is delighted because he feasts on kittens breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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