for sale

Hey, remember how Ash and I moved about 7 months ago? Well, we just can’t get enough of packing up our crap and hauling it around, so we’re moving again. Because our new place is quite a bit smaller than the old, we’re off-loading some of said crap. Anyone interested in any of the following?:

  1. SLS Q-1000 Home Theater Surround Sound System ($450)
  2. Riverside Antique Black entertainment cabinet ($350)
  3. Specialized Rockhopper Pro mountain bike ($375)
  4. Specialized Crossroads Elite hybrid bike ($275)

As an added bonus, we’ll contribute 5% of the sale price to Operation Christmas Goat, so you won’t be taking any goats out of anyone’s mouths by shopping Ashkins instead of Amazon. (This is how I’m justifying using Addison Road as my personal classifieds page, in case Mike is annoyed.)

7 thoughts on “for sale

  1. Stick

    If that mountain bike wasn’t built for hobbits I’d be all over it. It’s very cool and my old beater could use an update.

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