we’re not gonna take it, no we’re not gonna take it

A campus march is being organized at APU next week to protest the firing of one of the inter-campus shuttle trolley drivers. Who was fired for getting in an accident while driving the trolley. While talking on a cell-phone. Again.

Student Activism = 1, Common Sense = 0.

9 thoughts on “we’re not gonna take it, no we’re not gonna take it

  1. Daniel Semsen

    Well, one SHOULD be allowed to endanger the lives of hundreds of people daily by talking on the cell phone while driving. It’s perfectly normal and acceptable…

  2. Rach

    But it’s not like it’s ILLEGAL or anything. At least, not until January 2008.
    Come on, leave Britney Spears and the trolley driver alone. ;)

  3. corey

    Interesting. I think it’s nice that they want to be supportive of Trolley McTrollerson. But now is as good a time as any to learn that just because the person is well-liked doesn’t necessarily make her the appropriate candidate for the position. She can still be a nice gal and a helluva cell-phone talker. Just, you know, not behind the wheel of a trolley full of the future.

  4. aly hawkins

    Hey, Michael – The daughter of one of my coworkers is an APU freshman whose roommate got hit by a trolley yesterday and is in critical condition. Do you know if it was THIS trolley driver?

  5. Cerise

    Wow. This makes me grateful to have attended college at the eensy-weensy, sans-trolley Greenville College. They always told us that APU was the devil, but I always thought that was because APU wasn’t very Free Methodist any more. Now I know the truth.

  6. michael lee Post author

    Aly, I heard about the accident, but I don’t know anything about the who student or the driver were. I know that it was very serious, but that’s about all.

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