Site Redesign: Reader Input

There’s a blog redesign a comin’ probably during finals week of this semester. WordPress has upgraded their software several times since the last update, and our current design no longer works. Also, creating new blog designs is the greatest means of procrastination ever, and Lord knows I’m not about to start grading thesis papers until at least 3 weeks after final grades are due.

So, blog redesign. Like all good blog dictators, I realize that it is occasionally important to appear concerned with the ill-informed and petty views of your consumers, and to that end, I’m looking for some feedback from you on what does and does not need to stay.

What do you think, addison roadies? Still like the taglines, or time to go? 3 from the archives still something you use? How often do you use the search feature? Any festive color suggestions? Let me know what you think is important to include on the public face of our little inter-web community, and what you think should be shaved off like 4-week old back hair.

41 thoughts on “Site Redesign: Reader Input

  1. Stick

    Well, you’ll likely be tarred and feathered if you attempt to remove the tag-lines.

    Or, you could lose the taglines and just put a link to my site there. Yeah, that’d be cool.

    One thing I’d like, is to get email updates when someone posts a comment on an article I bookmark or post on. Some of the forums I’m on do this… though I guess I’ve never seen it on a blog. Hmmm.

    If you’d keep the design in the blue family, it’ would match my studio the best when I have it up.

  2. June

    I was going to say something about this yesterday but the words “4-week old back hair” made me too queasy to comment.

    After seeing some of the authors recently, I think the author photos need to be updated. Aly has really pretty blue eyes and dark hair which are not evident in the current photo and don’t even get me started on the old Chad photo. I know it only shows a quadrant of his face, but seriously, the guy has lost weight even in his nose!

    You could always base the blog color scheme around that awesome new piece of art you have.

  3. Jonathan

    or instead of putting Stick’s link there you can make it look like it is his, but actually have it be my link. Then people will actually see my sight. That could be cool, or just keep the taglines.

  4. Jonathan

    but that little smily face at the bottom of this comment page should go away because i though it was on my computer screen so i tried to rub it off for about a min till i zoomed in and realized that it was supposed to be there.

  5. Gretchen

    Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever scrolled all the way down to the very bottom. That’s funny.

    I like the 3 from the Archives. It’s great to be reminded of well written posts of the past, (Dementape Letters anyone?) as well as goofy and fun ones (Phreaky Phridays- where did they go?). I’m a sucker for the “pretty colors” and pictures so I vote for those. I never like the idea of change, but then I get used to it, and don’t want the new one to change. So I’m sure I’ll adjust again.

  6. Chad

    I like 3 from the archives. I really like them.

    I will take a new picture, Sharolyn. I’m effing beautiful. :)

  7. Chad

    Oh, so it’s going to be THAT kind of site now. Well.

    I’ll make sure the lighting is really, really good. I want the quivering freckles to be vivid, indeed.

  8. michael lee Post author

    [quote comment="139702"]You mean I can’t submit my 17 year-old glamor shot from the mall?[/quote]

    That is always appropriate. Please email it directly to me … I promise to take good care of it.

  9. michael lee Post author

    [quote comment="139650"]but that little smily face at the bottom of this comment page should go away because i though it was on my computer screen so i tried to rub it off for about a min till i zoomed in and realized that it was supposed to be there.[/quote]

    I actually have no idea what that is … that’s a little freaky.

  10. michael lee Post author

    Things I plan to drop, as of now:

    Google Ads (and there was much rejoicing!)
    Others on the Emerging Church (sidebar links)
    Author Bio pages (it was fun, now it’s done)
    iTunes Free Single (they all seem to … suck)

  11. aly hawkins

    Would it be too cluttered to do a “top ten posts” or a “seminal posts” section on the sidebar? For those visiting for the first time, it might be nice to direct them to a few posts that really give the flavor of what AddRd is all about. Another way to do it might be to have the post categories listed so people can read about what they want to read about and not just what we inflict on them. The Sneeze is, I think, a good example of using the sidebar to help people get adjusted.

    You’re probably already done with the redesign and will launch tomorrow, but it took me a few days to think about it seriously. Sorry.

  12. michael lee Post author

    I’ve thought about doing a “top posts” section. I think there’s actually a way to show a different sidebar to people the first time they show up, directing them to some of those posts.

  13. Sharolyn

    Aww, man. I never got an author bio. I’m done before I started!

    How about another blog survey? Surveys are fun. Well, when they are completed by you guys.

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  15. Sharolyn

    I don’t know where else to post this comment, so here I am.

    I just have to tell you guys a funny story that happened tonight. I usually think of Addison Road as a conversation between a handful of us, and sometimes catch a glimpse that the internet is slightly bigger than I realize.

    I’ve been playing piano for the same women’s ensemble for over seven years. We are multi-generational and there is a sisterhood between us. Anyhow, we gathered tonight, and I took some pictures. While my camera was out, my friend Sheila scrolled through the pics of my trip down south in May.

    I had forgotten that she had met Jon and Deanna Ramsay at a church in Hawaii (RANDOM!), but all of a sudden she was talking about all of you, and it’s because of Addison Rd. It was really tripping me out!

    “Really? Deanna won that car? (to her neighbor) This is Mike, he writes beautifully. This is Chad. You should hear how he sings. Is this Gretchen??”

    As surprised as I was, the other women couldn’t believe I keep in such contact with my college friends. Yeah, I thought, I actually heard music this morning that Chad and Mike co-created. It was just a part of daily life.

    There are others of you that I feel I know and I enjoy your posts/comments.

    So, all of this made me thankful for Addison Road.

  16. Chad

    That reminds me that Deanna owes me royalties for that song.

    Wait.. was that not your point?

  17. michael lee Post author

    Sweet! I got mine today as well.

    Good thing, too, because Sophia’s birthday is in 3 days, and she’s informed us that she would like a helicopter.


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