22 thoughts on “Gettin’ Hitched

  1. Zack

    Well, Sara only has one arm, so the right hand is the only option. (Thanks for rubbing it in.)


    Yeah, Photobooth likes to flip things around.

    And yes, Chad. Ben Folds “Zak and Sara” will be played at the wedding – hopefully by you…I’m sort of not kidding. It’s that, or “Song For The Dumped”.

  2. Zack

    Thanks for all the good vibes, ya’ll. It was a whirlwind evening last night. I had no idea how emotionally and mentally exhausting a proposal can be!

    I had the ring picked out for about a month. For weeks, I exhausted every possible scenario for the actual proposal, feeling like every option was totally cheese ball. Finally, I picked up the ring yesterday. When I talked to Sara on the phone, and knew she was on her way home, I just decided to do it.

    I put the ring on (our cat) Goose’s collar. When she got home, I asked her right away to check his collar to make sure I didn’t put it on too tight. When she saw the ring, she screamed, and immediately dropped the cat. So here I am, on one knee, while Sara is freaking out and Goose is hiding under the bed with the ring around his neck. She said yes, and ran to the bathroom. (Apparently she had to pee really bad when she got home.)

    Once she got out of the bathroom and I fished Goose out from under the bed to retrieve the ring, it was official.


  3. Cerise

    Dude, I’m not kidding, I think that’s the best marriage proposal scenario I’ve ever heard. Seriously. Sooo much better than that loser getting a piano levered onto a beach so he could play her a love song he wrote at sunset (apologies to any of you here – especially y’all piano players – who did that). Thanks for sharing that with us, man.

  4. Sara

    Thanks for all the warm wishes everyone!!! I’m SOOOO Excited! And needless to say, I was VERY surprised but couldn’t be happier.


  5. Matty

    So…wait…was the cat’s collar too tight? I’m confused.

    CONGRATS!!! So excited for you guys!!!

  6. Chad

    I was just talking to Matty about this, but I don’t need to put a divorce lawyer on retainer prior to the bachelor party, do I?

  7. Zack

    [quote comment="139227"]I was just talking to Matty about this, but I don’t need to put a divorce lawyer on retainer prior to the bachelor party, do I?[/quote]

    Naw, you won’t need a divorce lawyer. You’ll need an effin’ undertaker, my friend. Prepare for the type of debauchery typically reserved for celebutaunts and crack addicts.

  8. Sara

    I think the only argument that might ensue over our bachelor/bachelorette parties is who had the MOST debaucherous party. And by the way, in case you were wondering who that might be….I know how to pole dance. :) Ladies!!!!!!!

  9. Zack

    Erica will only need a lawyer if she falls and breaks a hip whilst pole dancing. Tell her to brush up on her pole skills, and she should be fine.

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