Phreaky Phriday: Phirst Grade Worldview

Zane, our first-grade son to me: “Mom, we sure do love Natey!” (our three-year-old)
Me: “Yes sweetie, we do!”
Zane: “Yeah, but if we didn’t, we could let him go.”
Me: “Uh…you mean like a wild animal?!”
Zane: “YEAH!….But we won’t, ‘cuz we love him.”

3 thoughts on “Phreaky Phriday: Phirst Grade Worldview

  1. Cerise

    I thought he meant ‘let him go’ as a nice way of firing him. Run, Zane! Run from the evil passive-aggressive corporate speak!!

  2. Gretchen

    First grade perspectives and stories are my favorite! After teaching first graders for 6 years, I had a story each day to come home to Mike with. Hilarious!

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