5 thoughts on “Yarrrrrr! Happy Hallowed’s Eve!

  1. Cerise

    I think whoever did this is a big Stewie fan. You know – the pumpkin still standing looks just like Stewie when he shouts, “VICTORY IS MINE!” This person has watched way too much Family Guy, I’m thinking. Or I have.

  2. Stick

    I’m guessing the inspiration was Calvin and Hobbes. The ones where Calvin makes the snowmen getting run over by cars, or other interesting accidents.

  3. Paul

    Kinda sums up the whole event — whimsy mixed with yucch.

    We thoroughly enjoyed watching Ella (aka Cinderella) and Zion (aka Thomas the Train, sort of) trick-or-treating last night. Otherwise, Hallowe’en continues to deteriorate into a massive observance of horror and violence.

    I’m always relieved to see the calendar page turn to November.

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