13 thoughts on “Westboro to pay $11M for protest

  1. June

    Yes, it does. It’s such an unbelievable combination of elements…out of all the ridiculous people I know, no one comes close to this. Who are these people?!

  2. Chad

    Yup… there it is right there at the end of the article…

    “Church members greeted the verdict with tight lipped smiles…”

    For those who don’t know… the Phelps Family Cult is rife with lawyers. They’re gonna parlay this into more publicity, and more attention.

    Fundies everywhere! Behold! The natural conclusion, the intellectually honest representatives of your brand of faith! Look upon them and own your own!

  3. Chad

    No, but I felt like such and old-fart-killjoy / pervert as I thought about having an intervention with the numerous mothers walking about, trailing their Jr. High aged daughters dressed like common streetwalkers.

    I can be really libertarian at times, but when it comes to moms knowingly allowing daughters to dress like that, even on Halloween, I just want to go all big brother on them and convict them of thought crimes.

    What are they thinking?

  4. michael lee

    [quote comment="138991"]Fundies everywhere! Behold! The natural conclusion, the intellectually honest representatives of your brand of faith! Look upon them and own your own![/quote]

    If that’s true, then the natural conclusion of some of the things in my faith is apathetic deism, the failed intellectual exercise of 19th Century liberal theology, and it’s odd anachronistic echo in the Jesus Seminar. I don’t want to “own them” anymore than we should ask theological conservatives and fundamentalists to “own” the cranks in their wings.

    There is value, and intellectual honesty, to choosing stopping points along the spectrum.

  5. Cerise

    I think I interpreted Chad’s exclamation as meaning that the Westboro Baptists are merely saying what a lot of fundies are thinking, at least along the lines of homosexual=abomination=We’re Being Punished, and thoroughly agreed with him. Though I hope sincerely that most Fundamentalists are good-hearted folks who 1. wouldn’t grieve families of the fallen soldiers to make a point and 2. wouldn’t, like most reasonably intelligent people, believe that our soldiers are falling because of The Gay and the fact that we aren’t burning them all at the stake.

  6. Chad

    I kinda, sorta disagree, I think. (no authority, remember)

    Yes, there are fundies who are stopped by their sense of common decency from engaging in the kind of behavior that Fred and his merry band of crazies employ, and for that, they should be applauded, but that doesn’t make them intellectually honest.

    I guess, as I examine the deeper subconscious reasoning behind my offhanded comment, that I see great inner conflict in the ideals and theology of fundamentalists, or religious conservatives nationwide. I often find them the ones assuring me that the end times are immanent, but they’re also the ones often fighting hardest for conservative causes in the political arena. The two strike me as mutually exclusive. If it’s really the end, then their focus should be entirely on lifeboat style evangelism, and not congressional lobbying.

    I guess I have less and less patience for people who seem to spend a lot of time telling me that there’s ONE way to live your life, and there’s ONE way to read Scripture, and ONE way to do church, but are then looking for a safe, well-lit offramp with a comfortable rest stop on the expressway to Crazytown. If we’re really all about to go up in flames, it’s time for extreme measures, and be open about it!

    I understand what you’re saying. Mike. Well, I had to look up some of the words, but I hear ya. I think you’re giving theological conservatives a little bit of a pass, to be honest. Their own worldview mandates that extremism is the order of the day!

  7. Chad

    P.S. I posted this as a response to Mike… Cerise posted while I was writing it. :)

    Cerise –

    You’re on the right track with what I’m thinking. The strange thing is that deep down inside, I think homosexuality is ultimately destructive for the world and specifically for those participating in the lifestyle.

    “So, Chad, if you really believe that, why aren’t you out converting homos back to the sacred, blessed union of heterosexuality? Aren’t you as intellectually dishonest as the rest of American Christians?”

    Well… here’s the thing. I believe that you cannot force people to change. Period. End of story. Sure, with enough oppression or punishment or harassment, you can get people to modify behavior, but that’s not change, real change… heart change.

    The only way to evoke heart change is for one human being to observe another human being and say to themselves… “I really, really want some of whatever they have.” I speak from personal experience on this.

    (for the record, gays and lesbians are pretty far down on my list of “What’s effing up the world.”)

  8. Zack

    [quote comment="138992"]Did anyone dress up as a freakish fundie for Halloween?[/quote]

    Actually, yes. I did. Here’s my checklist – see if you can figure out my costume:

    1) Slacks
    2) Short sleeved white dress shirt
    3) Tie
    4) Bicycle helmet
    5) Backpack

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