Doc Severinsen

I’ve got a writing / arranging gig taking through the next few weeks, and most of it involves writing in the style of the old classic 60′s Hollywood swing band, variety show stuff. I’m not at home with that stuff, so the first thing I did was go listen to as much of it as I could find. I came across a stack of videos on youtube of Doc Severinsen and his big band, the king of that style of swing. Here’s one to kick your day off:

Doc is the trumpet player, for those unfamiliar with anything before Pokeman and N’Sync.

4 thoughts on “Doc Severinsen

  1. Pi

    As I have just learned, it is very easy to spend several hours of your day watching those Doc Severinsen videos.
    Pokemon is generally spelled with an o, for those unfamiliar with anything after the Cold War and Lucille Ball.

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