17 thoughts on “Speaking with, like, Authority. Or Whatever

  1. aly hawkins

    “Aggressive Inarticulation” is an awesome band name, and their debut album is “Join Me on My Bandwagon of Uncertainty.”

    And Mos Def is the man.

  2. Chad

    Ok, so, this link got me over on the Christian Research Network, a website that I have successfully avoided for months. Just a couple of articles down, you’ll see a blurb about Emergent Heretic DOUG PAGITT! (Cue “Psycho” music.)

    Silva links to a radio interview with Doug and Todd Friel of Way of the Master radio. This interview is meant to illustrate an Emergent leader who is incapable of making a coherent (read: authoritative) statement.

    I am all in favor of posting links to slam poets, and I love what the dude had to say, but you need to listen to Doug, and listen to Todd, and understand why there are a lot of us who are searching for that fine line between “Authoritative” and “Insufferable Asshole.”

    Here’s the link:


    Todd Friel speaks with authority. It’s my opinion, listening to how he presents himself, he is also an insufferable asshole.

  3. Chad

    Just for the sake of clarification, and in an attempt to be fair minded, I am speaking into his presentation style, at least what I hear in this example. Todd Friel might be awesome in real life, and Doug Pagitt might skin kittens for personal amusement.

  4. Chad

    1. I’m not into dudes with dress pants and tucked in T-Shirts.
    2. I don’t think it’s a Christian program, in fact I think it’s HBO Def Poetry Jam.

  5. Cerise

    Chad – you’re not into dudes at all, last time I checked. Boy, it HAS been a long time.

    You guys are really, really sweet, and I feel sheepish. Again. [b-a-a-a-a-aaa]

  6. Chad

    Yeah, but I’m REALLY not gonna go gay for a dude in a t-shirt and dress pants.

    John Mayer, maybe.

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  8. Chad

    I’m going to start making random, egregiously inflammatory comments on old posts until something new and productive happens. I hate how Facebook has made this place all quiet. It’s upsetting.

    Barack Obama is the anti-christ, yes or no?

    Discuss. With authority.

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