LA on fire, again


Every time the Santa Ana winds blow through LA, the whole place catches on fire. If you’ve never lived here and seen one of these fires up close, you can’t image how terrifying it is to see flames shooting 20 feet in the air, consuming a hillside at 30 miles per hour.

Please pray for those in the path of the flames, and for the safety of those who fight them.

8 thoughts on “LA on fire, again

  1. Chad

    I meant to comment on this. If you look at that map, and look at the triangle of fires on the lower left of the map, and then put your finger down, that’s our house. Erica, my wife, texted me after she and the kids woke up from a nap, and she mentioned that she expected the horsemen to be coming at any given moment.

    It was an awful day in California. Some really good folks at Malibu Pres lost their church, and my daughter’s asthmatic streak got… well… all flared up. We spent the night listening to her cough and wheeze, putting her on the nebulizer and the inhaler as often as medically appropriate.


    Effin Santa Anas.

  2. Melody

    This is one reason I’m so glad I don’t live in SC anymore. I can remember once in Glendora when the sun was blood red and the ashes were so thick it looked like gray snow. Yuk! It’s georgous in the Central Valley and the leaves are turning gold and red. (I know we’ll get the fog later on, but I can gloat now). I just can’t believe that Malibu castle is gone. I always thought it would make a great Pastor’s retreat.

  3. Sharolyn

    [quote comment="136499"]Some really good folks at Malibu Pres lost their church[/quote]

    That is shocking. I attended there a few times and it was beautiful.

  4. michael lee Post author

    We have some friends attending at Pepperdine. Early on Sunday morning they were all huddled down in the cafeteria, trying to fight the smoke inhalation.

  5. June

    I worked at Pepperdine for several years and have friends who both live and work there now. Few people who work at Pep can actually afford to live in Malibu, so they built a bunch of new condos about three years ago (at the most) for staff and faculty to purchase/live in as well as a fairly vast additional upper campus. I haven’t heard if any of the Pep buildings have burned, but if that spankin’ new upper campus goes….man. And yes, Malibu Pres was perhaps the prettiest little church ever. So sad.

  6. Linda

    I remember as a teenager spending the day on the roof keeping our shake shingles damp with the garden hose so they would not catch fire as burning embers blew down from the homes on fire in the hills of Camarillo. A frightful memory. I can’t imaging having my child do that. Yet I remember at the time it felt powerful to be doing something to save our home.

    The loss today is so sad. Please keep us up on how everyone is doing. Pray for rain.

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